FG you should invest more on spells!!!!!!!

I d REALLY like to see buffs (or maybe alliance buffs???) in all spells like:

The firestorm to add fire damage to your units for the 3 secs it lasts

The blizzard to add ice damage to your units for the 3 secs that it lasts

The hammerstrike a 3 sec stun to all units/towers in its small radius

Black magic to raise a few zombies alongside the enemy souls it steals, or penalize speed and damage of enemy units/towers in its radius for 3 secs

Heal to add absorb damage alongside regeneration

Shield to reflect 200% damage back to enemy units that attack your shielded units for as long as the hitpoints of the shield lasts (already mentioned in a different post)

…feel free to add new ideas everyone :slight_smile:

U could make these buffs purchasable with alliance gold like elite units. Depending on alliance level u can make the buffs bigger, better or even last longer. 

U can introduce them (like the new pets) in seasonal events, where the hero all alone with no units, ONLY with spells!!! should survive  a number of stages and get points, crystals, etc as a reward. which then can exchange for magic buffs from a wandering magician that visits your kingdom every time the stars align, or when it s full moon, or when the planets venus and pluto are in a 90 degree angle with jupiter, or blah-blah-blah …u get the picture!!!

U know Halloween is coming…right FG??? …and staff like that r kind of nice and easy to make.

 …by the way why RR2 has no demons or vampires??? …only werewolves and zombies, skeletons and necromancers…sniff sniff!!!