Fight for Glory!

Hey everyone,


Are you a dedicated fighter? Do you want fame? Glory?

Show us how many medals can you earn in your league!


Starting today, Wednesday 9th December,  and ending Friday 11th December at 12PM (UTC/GMT +1), collect as many medals as you can!

In one of the tournament league you will fight during these days, try to earn as many medals as you can, then send us a screenshot before the end of this tournament!

For each league, a different leaderboard will be done:


Bronze League:

The 3 players the closest to 5,000 medals will be rewarded.

1st: 1000 Gems + 15 Pearls

2nd: 500 Gems + 10 Pearls

3rd: 250 Gems + 10 Pearls


Silver League:

The 3 players the  closest to 10,000  medals will be rewarded.

1st: 1500 Gems + 20 Pearls

2nd: 1000 Gems + 10 Pearls

3rd: 500 Gems + 10 Pearls


Gold League:

The 3 players the  closest to 15,000  medals will be rewarded.

1st: 2000 Gems + 50 Pearls

2nd: 1500 Gems + 20 Pearls

3rd: 750 Gems + 10 Pearls


Platinum League:

The 3 players the  closest to 20,000  medals will be rewarded.

1st: 2500 Gems + 75 Pearls

2nd: 2000 Gems + 50 Pearls

3rd: 1000 Gems + 20 Pearls


Diamond League:

The 3 players the  closest to 30,000  medals will be rewarded.

1st: 3000 Gems + 100 Pearls

2nd: 2500 Gems + 50 Pearls

3rd: 1500 Gems + 20 Pearls


Three players will be randomly chosen among the participants to win 100 Gems and 10 Pearls.

If two players or more have exactly the same amount of medals , the winner for this rank will be chosen randomly.



  • Only one answer per person
  • Deadline is Friday 11th December at 12PM (UTC/GMT +1)
  • Don’t forget to leave us your ingame name!
  • Make sure we can see properly the information on the screenshot!

Good luck!

Event updated, thanks oPelle for the help :grinning:

Small question, if i finished 1 league and join another before deadline can i post 2 picture in 1 answer to compete for 2 diffrence league prize ?

That sounds better, Aether, esp. since you realized tournaments last more than 3 days :wink:



You can compete for different league prizes, but only the one where you did the highest medals score will be counted and rewarded.

If by example you can earn the reward for 2nd position in gold league, and the reward for 3rd position in silver league, only the reward for the 2nd position in gold league will be given, and someone else will be chosen for the silver league.


@Jewelmania: Christmas is not here yet, so no free gems, unless you win one of the prizes :stuck_out_tongue:


here… 3 palyer closes to 20.000 medals … if i get 50.000 medals and its higest in this event. will i get 2500 gems + 75 pearls? or other payer that get 20.999 medals. that closets to 20.000 medals?

once more question.

can some one with 4 stars or 5 stars join this event at Platinum League?


please answer my questin.


thak you



If you got more medals, you will get the highest reward, if no one else got more medals of course :grinning:

What is that mean ? So the player with the most medal win or the player with exact 20k medal win ???



Ok to word it more precisely:

The goal is to be the closest possible to the goal for each league.

If you have more but your are the closest to the indicated number, you will win.


You can join in the league you want, as long as you are currently competing in it. (right now or during the time before the end of the event)

If I score 22k medals for platinum league, and of anyone else scores 19.5k then I belive the 19.5k should be the winner? Cause the closer to the target the better?


Yeah, exactly ^^

However if you score 20,5k and another one scores 18k, you will be closer even if you have more.

So it’s more about how accurate you can score (or calculate, lol), than about how many medals you can get :grinning:

Accurate, and also the amount of medals you can get :slight_smile:

In bronze league, not so many players are around 5k medals, diamond league probably has the most reached goal compared to the others :stuck_out_tongue:

So for some, it will still be showing how much they can get.




As it wasn’t really clear in my previous answer, sorry about this, I explained more precisely afterwards.

if you are talking about platinum league, Yes will win the second.

yes i am… so … i think you may write “closets or higer then ****** medals” on description of this event…

thank you opelee…  it will be hard to win  :slightly_frowning_face:

This event isn’t clear for me either, who wins? The one who’s closer to the number of medals? Or the one with the highest medal count?

What is hard to understand ? It’s clearly stated that the winner is the one whose medals are the closest to the goal depending on the  league type.

ign: emgiee1