Fight the system: Let it expire

First uber chest expired. I’m proud. 

Do you know what uber chests are causing? Do you know Flare?

Thousands of dummy account and wasting gems just to open those stupid chests. You’re not only making fun of each player but making addicted many players. You’re ruining this wonderful game. You’ve already ruined it indeed. You’re making players addicted like it was a drug. Just for those uber chests. Damn are you kidding me? Look out there,everyone is going crazy for those friend’s code!! :open_mouth:  Are you making the new feature added like a  drug!!! Everyone hope to find special items but you know the majority of them are useless. This is only a joke in order to push people to waste gems. I prefer to let it expire. This is the best solution to fight this situation. And remember i love this game,but since you’ll never solve any problem,i prefer doing it in my own little.  :slight_smile:

I made a dummy account on another phone and entered my code, guess what? I didn’t get the chest! The game simply changed my friend code and there it is still asking for me to share my code, **CK IT! I won’t take anyone to this game as they don’t even give the rewars the promise…

Flare made an incredible mess. People are literally crazy out there for those uber chests. Everything is ridiculous right now. 

All the developers care about is being able to say to their manager they got 10k new players in the past week. That 9,5k of those are dummy accounts doesn’t reflect in the data, so who cares??

LOL well said. The plan to “drug” players with those stupids uber chests has just begun. The spread of those dummy accounts is caused by uber chests. I have to say Flare is very smart to make fun of all players. 

Congratulations! Now do you want trophies or medals for your success??

No, we want you to start responding like you want to be treated as well, with respect to others. Only reason why you responded here, was showing disrespect and with only intention to hurt a player his feelings.

Do you want a medal for this response? If this was posted by me, I would feel deeply ashamed.

I believe this is a forum for players to vent their anger, frustration, come what may in a decent manner and with respect for others. We may/will try all tricks that’re available but we will also make comments and suggestions.

If we wanted to play passively then there was no need of this thread. Just play and go home. No, sir, we don’t do that to things we love. We love to play this game, but we have all the right to complain and make suggestions. 

What GM is writing is completely true. We are consciously trying to avoid spamming threads and facebook, but the thrill of seeing what’s inside the uber box is making us do the opposite occasionally. GM has all the right to vent his anger (we support him) in this forum. This forum was created for the players who are active in all aspects of the game including fault finding and giving positive replies. 




I offer the medals or trophies as tokens of my respect. I also offer band-aid or kleenex if you don’t accept the trophies or medals offering. 

And i don’t want medal, do you also offer uber chest? I promise i won’t let it expire  ^_^

I found the solution, I just ignore these chests :slight_smile:  No frustration!

Caki i don’t care if you don’t like what i did. You’re free to do whatever you think is right. Here we are in a forum. Everyone is free to share opinions,ideas,problems,anger,frustration and ways to make this game better. I don’t want to get a reward for what i did. Probably you don’t know what is going on out there. The source of the cause are those uber chests. Since i like sharing ideas,i found a good solution to fight this situation. And i think it is the best one. 

Are you a sportsman?

Caki, what happened to you? You used to be very serious contributor for these forums. Now you are only busy with arguing without any point and offending others.

Great magician’s post is very important and he has introduced a very true situation. Most completely agree with him.

If you have other opinion, please present it. But there is no reason to offend others just for the sports. But then, maybe you are really a sportsman… Then OK, please go on…

We are here to share everyone’s opinion. I shared what i think is better. This is a serious problem. And this mess is only caused by those new uber chests.  

I create dummies account so that I can open my own chest without spamming uselessly my friend code. The biggest problem with that damn code is that it’s change after a while. If this happen when your are entering the code in your dummy account, then you are going to have to create another dummy account. 

If you want to let it expire it’s your choice, but it’s not like it create some kind of pressure on Flare. The fact that you’re not opening it doesn’t affect Flare at all as there is no loss of revenue and I’m sure that there is a lot of player that will pay the 300 gems to open it. You will never have a global boycott if there is a prize fot not following this boycott.

In my opinion the free legendary chest you get every four or so hour with a video is worst than this Uber chest. Since they introduced it, I don’t really care that much about the war chests. And it is also pretty unfair to those without video offer. The uber chest happen less often and doesn’t require any videos.

I know if i let it expire won’t change anything. I cannot fight this situation by myself. I just showed a way to fight this situation. I want to say ,a player is not forced to waste 300 gems. But this is what Flare wishes unfortunately. 

I do agree with you here. You’re not forced to use gems and you would be stupid to do so. That 300 gems is for those players that put money in this game without even looking. 

Here is how I do it for free, without annoying anyone by spamming my code. 

I’m on windows, so I created another user on my tablet (you can do the same on your PC).

Then I installed RR2, make sure that the game is not save in your cloud. Do the tutorial, it takes less than 5 min. When you have to enter your King name, you’re good to go. Let this account sit there until you get an uber chest offer. When you do, note the code, switch to your dummy account and enter the code.

After you can delete the app, re-install it and repeat the process.

So far I opened two uber doing this. plus my initial free chest. I got one usefull item in my first friend chest and 95 uber gems and a useless mortar belt in the second. Plus a lot of legendary items to melt. 

In the end I’m satisfied, I mean I got stuff for free. 

Voucher system is completely worse, and you think I will unlock it by gems coz it worse? noooway  :stuck_out_tongue:

trustly I am falling in love with uberchest  :wub: but collecting gems to difficult for me as my account not a Fat King with bilion xp and can raid 1k medal bases  :wink: , I guest 1st friend chest was your trick to make us pay for uberchest package. i know that coz i got 3 uber items on a single uber chest and all of it are special, and  then I open 2nd until 4th uberchest that not give me special item. feel give up to try again, but someone tell me that he got one, IZOR Warbringer he said, with skullboost offcourse. so i try again and i found a special armor at 5th uberchest that give me 3k hp incresed  :wub:, and try it again at next day, and found a special boot that give me 1k more hp  :blink:, lucky I am  :rolleyes:.and thank you so much flaregames, 

but even i found a good item out there, I will not spend my gems to open it. however, Royal Revolt 2 is being expensive and more expensive since blacksmith come with crazy cost of slot, more allience tower levels, daily gems package and now uberchest and you have never ever reduce the price of gems or give more gems for these package even league reward not increse  :wacko:. its truely like a shit even shit almost better than its  :angry: . just think about. 6k gems and then 8k gems for allinece tower levels, and then blacksmith slots and again ubechest and more gems for nex update huh?. and it come with some cost of gems package and even not give more gems for these cost. I believe that no one will pay for all in future exept some stupid guys that dont know how to spend his money  :wacko:. Royal Revot player pay at less 100$++ to enjoy this game and you force us to pay more then 1000$ huh? I AM A FREEPLAYER AND I RESPECT TO DEVELOVER WITH BUYING GEMS AS DONATION, coz I didnt find donation button on site and game, so there I go. But its okay. i will wait for our youtuber to post a video with hastag #SaveRoyalRevolt2 again  :rolleyes:.  I will be the first to say roya revolt 2 is a good game that will never die when its dieing.

Listen to the Community you said that. and we are happy coz wave menagement was so easy, upgrade time can be reduced, production can be boosted. ista troop can replace scroll, better war matchmaking and bla…bla…blaaa… but behind the scene you add vidio ads that earn you money. we like this give whta we said to support this game. but you? you give us onther way that give you more money, you are not reducing time upgrade, you are not give us a free boost. you are not give us an insta troop, you just make us happy and bost you daily earning. you… you kill us. you are really killer. slowly you kill us, you broke our heart. and its okay. these vidio ads not a really difficult to wacht. we still able to get what we want event with worse way to get it, event with spaming code and finally creat a lot of dummy accounts. its fine coz we love this game man.

I dont want you reduce gems cost, i dont want you reduce time upgrade, I dont want to let this game being very easy till  a baby can enter to 100 top player on leaderboard. I just want you to listen to what communtity said truely with truth. 

sorry for this long replies. I just dont wat to see alot of bad review, bad comments, i dont wat to see my lovely game die coz of it. and sorry for who feels included on this reply. I just want to say what was i feel about my lovely game. sorry i cant buy more gems to donate you, ans special sorry for my bad english :wink:  . and thanks alot for these super epic item on your gift uberchest. and thank for all p layer that still palying this awesome game. and who dislike tis comment, just let this post go and forget it. dont make this as debate between a freeplayer and paid player, coz both of them are needed to make this game balanced :slight_smile:  



Thanks for sharing your way to open those chests. It’s a free way too. 

I’m focusing on the picture i posted. It is a clear smart sandwich-board. Look how Flare wishes players to spend gems: The sign “Open Now” is down and it’s bigger than those ones up. The green light of the sign draws attention of the player clearly. They are smart tho. This is a good publicity stunt.  :slight_smile:

Obviously a player is not forced to spend gems but as i said Flare is what wishes more.  

The best its you let them expire :slight_smile: but the problem is each 2 day you receive a new Uber Chest with new code to open

Flare I don’t care of the first one and I don’t want others one. You can give me 50 Uber Chest I don’t open them more

This function its just ridiculous. Flare can you make a update server to remove this please. I think nobody want them or change the number of gems needed to open them at 10 Gems or with free video

Hey, I want them ! Flare, add an option so that Warriornator could transfer his Uber chests to me. Please !