Fight until the end of time

I’m in a hurry, so I’m going to make this short.


  • King dies before victory, even though he has an army big enough to take down the gate.

  • Trap towers next to the gate don’t get destroyed even when there are seconds left.

Long story short, if there is time and/or troops remaining, battles shouldn’t end prematurely.

interesting :slight_smile:

Just make sure you don’t die is the best advice.


I once won it once by activating a sonic blast just before moment of dying. Even when I died I won that battle, because the gate was destroyed. I think spell damage goes on as long as there is remaining time and the spell lasts.


Troops don’t do any damage any more, maybe because there is no leader and no leadership left, so they might not know what to do and just stop attacking.

If cannonball or another missile is already in the air - it can destroy castle :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, there is /some/ leeway. I once won a raid as the green bottle was hovering over my head, literally just before being asked to retreat.

But troops can attack without a leader. They do all the time when you Rambo through (if you’re me). All the leader provides is Morale to bring out troops, and spells. No king? No new troops and no spells. But that being said, the troops which are already there, should still be able to attack until the last man.

If the king dies, what will be the reaction of your troop? Either surrender or panic. 

I think king’s (attacker’s boss unit) death should be end of raid. I mean, if castle gate (defender’s boss unit) has been destroyed, you also win even if there are defending troops left to potentially kill you. 


About trap towers at gate…

I know some very “annoying” bases in the sense that I can hardly ever 100% them as they have max lvl firebolt towers at both sides of castle gate, and I need 2 sonic blasts to take out both before my army kills the gate, which isn’t that easy at the end of a tough base where you may 1. not have that much time, and 2. can’t just go to the gate withour army (needed for getting through base, and as shield against gate’s high damage shots as well as defensive waves spawning there)… but still, with the right strategy you can get 100%, and even if not, you get 98% at least, which is “ok”. 


One thing to keep in kind mind also is that you don’t have to kill those towers for getting through the base, so you reach the gate easier… so for “robbing” you the final 2%, they weaken their base and thus get their gate killed more easily, making the chance of getting at near-100% bigger… 


Still, in war it can be annoying to get 10 or 20 skulls less just because the gate dies too early, especially when the last tower already got a sonic spell launched onto it, but 1 second too late… but well, still better than those raids where the gate survives 1 second too long and you only get 73-75%. As such, I’d always prefer 98% over 75%^^ 

Great suggestion, add this to my pinned improvements list under Suggestion section.


I think the battle ends when the King’s dead!

But I have often thought even if the gate’s down we should be allowed to double back and take out any missing towers as long as we still have time.

If the king dies, all the rest of the troops stand in a stunned silence for a few seconds; then they panic and flee the battlefield. That’s why the battle ends when the king dies.


If the gate dies, all the troops celebrate, then rush in to plunder the chamber of fortune, forgetting about any towers left behind. That’s why the battle ends when the gate dies.


But anyways, on the serious side, having the battles end prematurely actually lends extra strategy to the game. Attackers know they need to not skip towers if they want to get 100%. Defenders can use this to their advantage to slow the attacker down. It’s a tradeoff: do you go for a greedy 100% or just try to take down the gate and settle for a 95% victory? Tradeoffs are what allow for strategy, and strategy is what makes a good game.

Remember when people would build paths where the path went right up next to the gate, to keep you from getting 100%? (Before cannons were disabled from attacking the castle gate prematurely) Same strategy, only it no longer works.


I hate that change!

Again breaking down variation in the game.