Fighting for diamond league

Generals and leaders have a list from know jumpers in war.

Maybe we can make a list from those who attacks continiously other people.  They don’t care attacking other people, so they can be attacked for winning diamond, Platinum,… leagues.

People can put here the names here.

Cromka1 :lol:

just for fun to get your list started, which i think has a high chance of not going anywhere.

This game is all about attacking others and this is why one makes his/her defense strong otherwise there is no point having a defense so if multiple accounts are ok in this game then attacking again and again is ok with the developers.


The best you can do is attack them back so they know how it feels being getting attacked again and again.

What is, you think, intention of this list.  They don’t care attacking frequently,  so it doesn’t hurt attacking them the same way?

Go and kill cromka

this guy dnt care about trothies)

And what if this guy would only give 34 medals? You would have to attack a lot in order to win a league :wink: Don’t think most people would care about the list. If someone has a problem with a certain player, they will contact their friends to take care of it

lose some trophies and then attack them then they will feel the impact my friend. This is my own strategy if a lower level player keeps attacking on me I simply decrease my trophies and when I attack them back then they give good amount of trophies.


This will really hit them hard.

Yes, it does. They are just playing the game in a normal way. Let them attack as much as they want. More power to them. They are evolving and training to become better.


As for what you’re asking, why do you need others to do your work for you? Just go ahead and attack whoever you want. No need to drag other people into your issues.

Be careful doing this Flare has made it difficult to raise trophies quickly.

It seems i played the game the whole time wrong.  I was happy, but now it seems i was a fool, i win all my dl by medals from matchmaking.  And lot comments in this topic are right : lot bases from those guys gives hardly medals, dropping trophies gives later difficult to get them back, …

only one remark : it must be boring attacking just the same people 

i learned a lot from those guys : winning 4 or 5 times, than loose 1 to keep the medals high enough, but if that is the way to keep this game interesting ?

I agree, it’s kind of boring… unless those “same people” try to fight back and call their friends. Then it becomes much more interesting and fun. :wink:

I don’t think so ?

I’m in the 3,400 Trophy range, and I’ve noticed that most of my battles will yield in the range of 4-8 trophies for a 100% win.  -1 Trophy for a 98-99% win.  

However, failure to break down the castle gate (i.e. get to the Chamber of Fortune) will usually mean anywhere from -16 to -22.  

So it is definitely an assymetrical return profile.  One loss can easily set you back 4-5 wins.  

Maybe the match maker is broken for me but can get roughly same amount of trophies for hitting on list. Used to be able to pull 20-50.