Fighting Irish Alliance

Hi. I am an Irish player.

Trophy count 3100. Never bought any gems. Built up over months.lvl 75 atm

I am looking to recruit active players over the 1000 Trophy mark and up.

My user name is SetantaL.

Send requests if interested in joining. Level 6 Alliance tower atm. 8% gold boost. Want to get much much higher.


Hi we are looking for six more members. All donating levels welcome

10 percent gold boost. New members welcome

In the middle of wars. Winning so far. Just need two more members

Great alliance with strong members. We have momentum in Alliance Wars and will continue to kick ass - with your help.


Come join us.

Hi guys. We are up to 11 percent boost and need new blood.

Active players and will help with your base design

Hey. Looking for a few more active members.

Just send me a request

Search for SetantaL on the user search in the game

12 percent boost looking for active players

Hey guys.

Five slots left to get in before the next war season. Send me a request. 12 boost. I am now level 78

Mais que tudo

Hi, we had to kick inactive players so the alliance is open now for anyone that wants to join. All levels welcome but anyone less than 1000 is going to get roasted in the wars

We are looking for new members. Would welcome anyone who is active and wants to engage

Hi there. Looking for new members or would be interested in an alliance merger

Hey there. Up to 12 percent donations 6 percent tax. Looking for active members to grow

Hey there.

Looking for new active members

Cristeas . I come on

Awesome alliance. Level 14 with 13% boost to your awards, plus 5% tax bonus. We are set to dominate the next war season.


Come join us.


Just send SentanaL a request and you too could be wreaking havoc with us.

Hey guys.

Just won our wR so new joiners will get triple boosts if fhey join in the next few hours. Five slots open.


Up to 14 good active members. 16% gold boost.

4 slots open. Come join us :slight_smile: