Fighting on a top map (VL-Apoc) & we lost unholy paladin by bug

Last day of wars, the most important day, on a top map and Alianza Hispana lost unholy paladin when Pro league finished by a bug (we unlocked level 4).

Plese, fix it as soon as possible.

PS.: Really was a good idea doing PL ends the 4th day of a war season when these things can happen?



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All Gala will say is to submit a request. They can’t do anything with bugs on the forum, so just submit a request:

we already did, but the question is in a day of war every hour count, more when is the last and more important day.

Hello there,

I’m sorry to hear about your issue, however the boost should be active but I can’t upgrade it to lvl 4 I’m afraid.

I’m recommending you to wait until you get a reply from Customer Support.

Many thanks,


Again down. A clear example of how all the effords made, “and gems spents” (the bases of VL are not exactly easy), by a whole alliance for 4 days go to the trush when you lose your main offensive boost for the 5th day. This is serious?

PS: A few hours for season ends and we still are waiting an answer from customer support.