Fii Nami and North Alliance, sittin' in a tree


Seriously, what’s up with the hate, I’m pretty much only active here (and not really that active), I am in North Alliance (was in Hello World back in the day) and stay out of all the politics, I’m here to play the game. From being set off when Adju responded in the other apology thread to this little exchange on the 2.5 update, it’s freaking hilarious the amount of venom being held for some alliances:

neilr81: Get rid of the gate towers, or give people the full time limit to destroy all towers, even if portal goes down.
Fii Nami: Or just raid better sigh

A few hours later:
Fii Nami: Wrong.Best raider can missed tower.Bad raider can use scrolls.This event require little skills but what I am complaining about is the rewarding.Why missing a tower put you at rank 20 with shit reward when your effort is worthy of 2nd place reward ?


*mind boggles*

mind boggles more when you dont miss a tower,allraids r perfect…game crashes b4 cof and you get 17th with shit rewards

I said you should raid better which is true and you should while the other I said people can missed tower but I dont complaint about the tower positioning, just feel bad cuz they deserve better reward for doing it 99% perfect overall.Missing tower still means you should raid better but it does not mean you deserve shit reward.Both comment does not relate to you being a NA member.Mind boggling how you think that this post is relevant to defame me cuz it is not.