Filter / Categorize Items for Forge

Hey all. 

The forge system already filters to only items of the same rarity, which is helpful since you can only combine like rarity items. However, I have A LOT of item inventory space (200+) and there are too many items for me to keep track of. Let’s say I’m saving a couple extra green/blue rarity items for each Hero while also maintaining items that I dont need (Forge disposable items). When im picking an item to combine, I’m kind of guessing which items i dont need for the Hero. 

My suggestion is this:

Add some sort of filter/sorting/category system to items which would allow you to mark an item as disposable (trash icon) and need for Hero (exclamation mark). The icons could be colored dots in the corner of the item portrait.

What do you think?


-oo Vyrus

Also, some kind of additional information would be excellent. The level you acquired the item at, for example, and a power ranking. 

Thinking about this filter idea which I find great addition to the game, allow me to add another suggestion in this topic.

I believe that there are lots of us who do not want to lose a 5 stars cursed item while we level up. Could it be possible dear devs to add an option with gems so we could pay …let’s say 100-200 gems and start forging that item again  from its first titan star…!?

I think I brought a similar concept in my long list of minor fixes, but so far no answer on that. Agreed though, would be ideal to have it, especially for lower levels who occasionally need to compare the base stats of the godlike and titan item to determine the feasibility of forging

I like the idea of the filter system.  It would also be nice to have a drop down that allows you to select items from a specific hero.  Often times I’ll be scrolling looking at the hero name because I know that I don’t need that particular item for the hero so I can use it in a forge.