Final Gate Weak Defence Bug

After the upgrade, the gates are broken down with one blow. With one blow, just a second.
And what do you do with the loss of booty, if the opponent did not manage to pass defense? They promised an update, but I did not see.

After the maintenance update, the final gate of the defense can easily be one shot by a Hero or Unit.

I don’t think it was intended this way.

Please fix this, because this will cause a lot of problems and exploiting to win easy.



Yes it is known and it will be fixed in a live server update later today.

Sorry for the troubles.

What about getting the trophies, if you could not get the protection of the enemy?

and what kind of chest that appears above the icon of the hero after the attack?

minotaurs, warriors, spearman, poseidon blessings are not working for most of members in my guild but still working for some. Please fix!

the only one that works is barricades


As announced on Wednesday, there will be a livestream on Friday regarding the Alliance Wars, which will be introduced with the new version.

The new version will go live next week.

Today was a live server update, not the release of a new version of the game.

and does not work on the bonus tower Trident (Apollo). Range 4.9 to buff

Sorry, the Trident tower (Poseidon)

and does not work on the tower buff Orthia

all buffs do not work. After updating, please compensate us that if possible.
Nick MrSinner General Clan “Щит и меч”

We are currently looking into it as well, sorry for the troubles.

If you wish to talk about a compensation, please contact the customer support.

Mr Sinner you need more chill. 

Its just a game bro

I blew threw your def with 1min 20sec remaining instead of the usual 1min 15sec.

Id like to say thanks to Alysea!

Great patch looking forward to more new content ?

I am not the one making the content, so I take it as thanks for the whole team :grinning:


You have 101 levels, I have 83. And I have a strong defense

I agree, good update ?

all bugs fixed. Thanks  :wink:

And what is the chests near the hero?