Finally! A great gaming experience

I haven’t been commenting for a while, was silently playing the game and observing the improvements.

  1. Firstly, let’s extend a “well done” to Flare Games. Unlike other companies (e.g. Machine Zone of Game of War), Flare has been listening to its customer base. We criticized them heaps for putting out there a game which needed much development and they managed to bring the game to an enjoyable level.

  2. Secondly, no one should expect a totally “free to win” game. Flare, like any other company, is a business and is here to make profit. The reason why we criticized Flare so much was, with that unfortunate update with which people were able to farm others, the spenders were made to feel stupid in return to their expenses. Most of us developed our cities and defenses which raised our ascencions. But that unfortunate update put all our efforts and money down the gutter.

  3. Finally, I use invocations, I use resurrections which costs gems sometimes. People have a choice not to spend money, but people also have a choice to spend money. If you aim to be #1 on the trophy list, you gotta spend and you gotta work hard. That’s what my teammate Jttn and all other Red Squadrons do. If you knew how much gold we donated to keep blessings up, you’d gasp. We fight any day everyday. The result is clear, check the trophy list… Jttn #1, Red Squadron #1. If you want to challenge that, bring it on. And be ready to spend money!

Yours sincerely,

Quron the Red Squadron

Well said Q. We worked hard to get there and watched as others sat at the top while we worked our arses off. Now we are solid and it’s paying off.

Anybody else wanna give red squadron a pat on the back?


Jopman the Fkd If I Can Remember Which Guild Im In




The sad thing is that big spenders which wasted gems in game and got useless ascension points and have a shit defense and offense expect to be in TOP. No guys you have to be strong to be in TOP not just spend money and be active in game.

If all very high ascension lvls would had their defense and units they use max out they would never been farmed, because no -10 lvl would been able to farm. To defeat once using invocations yes. A -20 lvl would never defeat you ever.

So now is pay to be in top, a thing that nobody should be proud of. So look on TOP ranks now, now I do not say anything else that big active spenders. Looking at TOP ranks before this patch would say skilled active people.


you really dont know what you are talking about big spenders are very active, and if defence are still easy to beat you should earn enough of them thats there own mistake, but most of us have a maxed out troops and defence, dont know why are you complaining and the farm system is going like this if a lvl 80 has 3000 trophies he played all day for, then a lvl 70 with 2400 trophies who is less active, would like get 18 trophies of him for beat his gate and his higher lvl , and for not beat his gate 8 trophies so if you do retreat at gate few times you get like 50 trophies from one player by not beating his gate and you call that skilled people,and that happens to the lvl 70 who earned them easy he get ripped of by lvl 60 etc, till trophies are at bottum of game, now thats a nice reward system for lower lvls if they got high lvl players in their map. and all the free to play games money rules, they have a bussiness! if we all free to play then they dont have job and you have no fun!

Don’t blame me for FG mistakes. If you ask me no matter where you progressed in an attack you should always loose trophies if you did not destroyed the gate in time.

I can guarantee you that right now when I am lvl 54 no matter what a lvl 34 will beat my defense. He will not even pass half of my towers.

PS: I am not a f2p, I pay but reasonable, like in any other monthly subscription game.

Mr WindRider, let’s test your knowledge of the game:

  • How many worshippers do you gain when you upgrade the Guardhouse of Thanatos?

  • How does the maximum level of defense towers get determined? (Hint: Something of Apollo)

  • How many worshippers do you gain when you upgrade Cyclops?

If you’re saying defense and units need to be maxed out and big spenders waste gems to get useless ascencion points then you don’t know how to play this game mate… Just saying


Yo mate,

  • After lvl 5 Guardhouse of Thanatos give huge worshippers to worth lvl up

  • maximum lvl of towers is determined by Hero Temple, maximum number though by Gate of Apollo

  • you just do not lvl up Cyclops, LOL. You just lvl up units you use to defend and units you use to attack. Lvl-ing rest of units is useless worshippers.

my 2 cents,

Who need to learn to play? Hope to meet you guys in wars if they ever release it to rip u’r trophies.

You don’t even understand that I gave Cyclops as an example only. You jumped in to reply in a haste.

You need to raise your ascencion first to meet us on your map. Seems like far in future. Good luck mate.

by the way Guardhouse of Thanatos upgrade to Level 11 gives 18k worshippers… You have a loooong way to get there buddy.

By the way there’s no word in English such as “u’r”.

Or “loooong”:slight_smile:

Nice you’re all reading carefully what I write, good boy Jopman ???

Finally!!! The game became like any other scam game there is out there. If you guys are proud of you being first with money, then congratulations, you are no thinking humans, you are the system itself that is raising this sick mentality.

Like you i choose when i make my spelling mistakes:)

an youre not too far away for me to give you a good clip roun the earhole:)

Hehe we will see how far behind I am soon 

Red Squad, you are way to easy. We let you to take 1st spot for day or two :slight_smile:  watch our 2nd alliance taking that 2nd spot now :grinning:  

Banter! I like it ?.. this is why we need a world chat and alliance wars… this trophy thing just isnt cutting it

I love Ares saying Red Squadron is too easy. As if most Elite Crews are pretty tough. Only tough cookies from Elite for me are Turribull and Ragde. My respect to their defense arrangements. Rest of Elite is child’s play…