find a good ally


We are looking for active and dedicated members as yourself, we need war participants, come have a look and interact with us you wont leave…alliance Northern Killaz or add me as a friend ign LUCIFER2502, look forward to hear from you

do you have both storm cannon and stunning orge @@

You are a boost digger xD

maybe, just before I get my 5th star, then you may see me in somewhere without any boost :expressionless:

He is seeking alliance with alot of boost but at least he is willing to upgrade his tower :slight_smile:

its just his trophy now still low to join my alliance

but when he reach higher trophy/rank , he might jump to higher rank alliance :slightly_frowning_face:

I have NO PATIENCE to wait until I’m high lvl to get my 5th star, I got enough gems and vouchers to win a good tournament, but how tf I win all of them without the suitable boosts? Idk how you guys define ‘boost digger’ or ‘jumper’, == at least Im not forget donating to use those boosts and not leaving in mid of war Im not impolite or unrespect to anyone too. Fair play? Otherwise, Ive just changed my alliance 2 times since I began to play this game and they dont complain anything ab me, so do not consider me as a ‘jumper’, 2 is very much hah?

sorry if my bad EL cant describe my ideas to you guys ^^

I dont need high rank alliance, wilto, there are nothing good for me, I asked to join you because I can contact with you :confused:

I am an active member of Northern Killaz and we like to add that we r AWESOME!