Finding Pal from a free chest

Can some one say what is the % of getting a pal from a free chest.

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As far as I know, It’s 2%…

Opening a free pal chest on any normal day (when there is no event):

And for guardian chest:

As far as i know, be it free or gem-paid, the probability is the same… The only difference between free and paid is that, in paid, you are guaranteed certain things (i.e., 100% probability of that specific promise)…

I think we should all see this topic:

If FG didn’t change anything I’d say its more like “1 pal for 3” chests as Arrebimba stated.
And I really hoppe they didn’t change anything.

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During the last colector event (during the community week) i got about 1 pal for every 3 daily free chests.
Outside of an event you’re looking at something like 1 pal for every 20 chests or something like that. It’s a pretty low chance.

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I think we will see the increase when the event is started.

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Thank you friends.
Before the event , the info was 4% increase in chances. Now it is 30%. Seems to be a display bug.