Fire Aura vs Slow Aura Vs Poison Aura

I just watch Flothaboss video about the Fire Aura and that look pretty awesome to be honest. Maybe right now nobody have the Fire Aura ring but when somebody will have it can come here and say what it’s better. Fire Aura Ring + Firestorm,Slow Aura Ring + Slow Perk on the weapon + Toxic Cloud or Poison Aura + Toxic Cloud,etc… What you think it’s more dangerous in fight and why?

Edit : I didn’t know about the Poison I add it in the title :slight_smile:

I have a ring with poison aura too. It was in the dungeon past the last mummy.

I was lucky and the fire ring dropped from one of the festival chests.  IMO it’s much better than the slow aura ring.  I had to pay attention to really even notice the slow aura effect, whereas the fire aura is both much more noticeable and effective.  It doesn’t do a ton of damage, but it does enough to kill frosters nearly instantly, and also works well against cannons.  When I’m up against lower level people in war seasons, the aura is even enough to take down barricades and firebolt towers all by itself.  I’ve found that I’m much more able to save my firestorm spell for when its needed, rather than blowing it just to finish off some random firebolt/lightning tower that I can’t  reach.  It’s also just kind of fun to park next to some obstacles/towers while waiting for your troops to catch up and watch things burn down.  I’m guessing the range is about 3 or maybe a little more.  I can easily hit frosters in the adjacent lane without having to run to the edge of my lane to hit them.  

wow cool. interesting now we have poison ring,fire aura ring and slow aura ring. Just sad it’s just in a ring. In a belt too would have been awesome. Able to combine Fire and poison or Slow and poison,etc…

This is my new ring. I remove the poison damage( I think 500)  and forged 2 times for SP.  Screenshot_20170514-172600.png

hard to tell between the 3 ring which is the more powerful or useful. Fire Aura seem to be very useful against Storm Cannon,Firebolt Tower and Froster base. Poison Aura seem very useful for big units like Ogre,Werewolf,etc… Slow Aura I guess it’s more useful for slow boosted Bomb Tower and Skulls. I think if you have the 3 ring you must adapt depend the base and the situation. If you can add skulls perk in it so awesome. This 3 ring add something very cool in the game like a 4 spells maybe 5 with the pals. That give a lots of combination in a raid. 

Still 2 ring to introduce in the game : Ice Aura and Lightning Aura

Someone tells me the Fire aura is worse than the Easter aura, has anyone tested it?

Yes, I didnot see it. But if it is awesome, wait till few players have it…FG will nerf that.

The egg aura is good, but not great. With firestorm aura, I expect the same. Damage of the egg aura seems to be normal damage 2600 * <percentage you have> every second. Something similar will be the case for firestorm aura. It will be great against troops plus towers weak to fire, similar like the easter egg aura does nice damage against most troops and some towers, like skull towers.

Frost traps however will not be affected much by fire aura, while easter egg will. I am still in doubt to get it or not. I have the device, if it’s nice to use, but I won’t likely ever use it, I won’t buy it.

I will first collect dragon claws and on last day I will check what I can buy for it.

I think there are also fear aura and easter egg aura and maybe more i forgot :wink:

You would get it for the firestorm boost in the first place, imho.
Reforging fire aura gives you leadership (50%) or scream (25%).

Yeah but I don’t add it in the battle with other ring because easter egg and fear seem useless in fight. Fear aura I think it’s like Werewolf howl nothing impressive. that why I put only the 3 ring who are sure to make a real difference in battle. I don’t think much people use fear aura. If people want to add in the fight with the others ring why not :slight_smile:

I saw that video too, it did look awesome

I got the fear ring for the same reason i will get the fire ring: having a high spell boost (black magic on fear ring),
probably reforging the aura for leadership or scream …

nope, not few, fg will wait until most have and forged it  :rolleyes:

back to topic, fear aura is more useful on top tier raids to prevent very high/max forged wolfies from howling/boosting everything around it that also very highly forged. Not necessarily dangerous but it’s a very effective time waster that could cost you 5+ sec per wolf howl. 

and where we can find Fear Aura? Dungeon or in Uber Chest?

i forgot, maybe it was from festival or maybe dungeon  :wacko:

Let me remember. Yowie Ring was in Winter festival (slow aura) Happy birthday maybe there the fear aura. Easter festival was Egg aura. Dragon is Fire Aura. I am sure it’s during the Happy Birthday festival. In this case we can get it on Uber Chest during Ninja Event

Yes, it was obtainable during birthday festival. Now only in uber chests …

What About easter egg ring