Firebolt love cannon

is firebolt tower has preferred target to cannon? or any unit?

because they dont shoot king even when my king close to that tower?

is anyone realize? or its just happened to me?

Cannon can easily destroy firebolt towers… Thats why they are firing at cannons…

Still take max cannon 3 shots to take down max firebolt though , probably cannon dies first.


Anyway yes firebolt target cannon and other units first ahead of the king but they don’t target mummy most of the time when king is around

This is fun.firebolts are really smart in targeting,they attack pyros and cannons first,even if king is around because FB has weakness from their attack.But If pyro and cannon both are in FB’s range,they attack cannon first(even if FB is 250% weak to pyro’s fire & only 100% weak to cannon’s blunt damage) because it seems they know pyro has fire resistance,so we can’t do much damage,so lets take down cannon first which is danger for whole defence but really weak to our fire damage. :grinning:

Yep, and they prefer mummies too!! Not like cannons, but I use mummies, sometime, as “cannon fodder” for FB  :slight_smile:

ohh,its not just me…

Fb towers are smart, yes. :slight_smile:

It seems like all the structures have some sort of priority targeting list.  Cannons are definitely at the top of the Firebolt Tower list.  They seem to get priority at the castle gate as well, although I have seen the castle gate target other units even with a cannon in range.


You can make use of the firebolt tower targeting priority.  More than once I have rested near one to regenerate my hero while a pyromancer was nearby absorbing the shots from the firebolt tower.

FIREBOLT will realy shoot u when u r near to DIE… Also not only fb love cannon… also the castle gate hate cannon…

1-2 attacks from Pyro kills this fragile thing. But Cannon is a powerful unit against buildings, just not good against a base with plenty of Firebolt Towers.