FireSale RR2 - All Items must Go!! - RR2 up for Grabs!

Couldn’t help myself on this post - with the end of RR2, I wonder if they are planning to sell the game? How much would any of you spend to buy the entire game? Anyone interested in getting in on the action for the Bidding War lol

It’s not that you sell the game, more like you shut down the servers once for all

in my practice it already was) when I was playing in FW (dark age) they just turned off the server and all :slight_smile: goodbye. had to go to the euroserver and start from the beginning (and I played 4-odd years), but here we do not have options)

Paying to buy this game? Good joke :lol: 

Obviously i will buy , i don’t know the price as i am not experienced but if i buy the game non of you will leave the game ? LOL.

And the reason to buy is having a huge amount of customer…

LOL all depend of the company. A really good company who become bankrupt and sell their license game can sell them for millions if the new company is interested to continue the series and can make huge money

Here in this case Flaregames can sell all of their games for 50$ ok maybe 500$ max. I don’t think Gameloft or Gameinsight will be interested to buy dying game.