Firestorm vs LT

Is my observation correct that Firestorm at max level, the main weakness of the lightning tower, doesnt take out a maxed non-perked lightning tower?? Isnt that a bit strange, to have the go to spell (regarding weaknesses) not take it out easily?

If Im doing the math, it shouldnt even be a close call for Firestorm to take the tower down, but why doesnt it?? I believe there should be a buff on FS vs LT.

Somehow pyros are made more effective against these towers.

Well a fcking dragon need two fire breath to take out non perk LT

Well, that luckily hasnt anything to do with the effect firestorm has on it.

I agree. FS needs to wipe these things out completely, unperked.

Yep, Pyros take it down in notimeā€¦