"First and Last" - Sentence game

Whale :whale: hello there,
How about a sentence game?
I am gonna start with a sentence. The last word has to be the first word of the next poster. Sentences should consist out of 3-7 words.

Alright, let’s start! :partying_face:
Chocolate cake is the best.

Next person needs to continue now with “Best …”.

Please try it and let’s have some fun. :smiley:

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« Best » what a great word!

word is not as great as sword… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Sword to cut chocolate cake

Cake causes me headache.

Headache prevents me from playing Conquest.

Conquest requires adept strategists.

Strategists want to win many gems.

gems save lives.

Lives can not be spared.

Spared friends from war.

War is much more fun than Pro.

Pro league is tough but interesting.

Interesting changes with this new forum.

Forum is in new provider.

Provider changes are never easy.

Easy battles can become difficult.

Difficult to win the Diamond League

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League tournaments are mandatory.

Mandatory are rules to respect.