First meeting with your Pal!

Dear Kings & Queens,

Very soon you will get your own Pal! Did you already fall for one?


Write a story about your first meeting with your Pal! 

The story must include details about the location and the actions taken by both you and the Pal!





  • Mention which Pal would be your ideal companion!
  • Deadline is Tuesday 21st February at 00:00 UTC+1
  • Write your exact in-game name
  • Only one entry per player/person
  • Impress us!


  • The best 5 stories (based on the quality of the writing, the fun and the respect of the rules) will be rewarded with 1,000 gems.
  • 5 additional players will also have the chance to randomly win 250 gems by participating and following the rules

Good luck and have fun!


Wolf will be the ideal companion.


Walking alone in the forest, an unlucky naughty cute wolf falls into a well one day. 

Unable to get out, he waits for help. Then i m passing , heard some noise sees the wolf and then i start trying to  get out the wolf from well with the help of rope and finally i succeed. 

He looks soo cute and his eye has naughtyness and saying thanks…and suddenly he ran away.

Next day   Walking in the forest,  i saw that wolf again It looked for food here and there. But it couldn’t get any.

At last it found a loaf of bread and piece of meat in the hole of a tree.

The hungry wolf squeezed into the hole. It ate all the food. It was a woodcutter’s lunch.

He was on his way back to the tree to have lunch. But he saw there was no food in the hole, instead, a wolf. 

On seeing the woodcutter, the wolf tried to get out of the hole. But it couldn’t. Its tummy was swollen. 

The woodcutter caught the wolf and starts gave it beatings, then i run to help wolf and shouting … Luckily i have also some bread and meat and i throw it in front of woodcutter , she takes and goes on tree , also i have some more food and give to the wolf , soon we become good friends , wolfs start like me , and i like him from the first day i saw him. Then i took wolf to my home (kingdom) and we live happily.



Ign : rahulbaghel

Wolf will be the best and ideal companion

Once upon a time, It was a beautiful sunny day. I go outside and put my chair and sit and listen my MP3. Suddenly, I heard a strange owl but on the moment I don’t really care but after few minutes the owl was not normal. I decide to take my courage and go see in the forest behind my house. After few minutes of walk, suddenly I see a really cute wolf trapped in a trap and I was not sure if that was I good idea to advance. I take my courage and decide to advance slowly but carefully and the wolf look at me not with rage no the wolf look at me like he wanted to say : ‘‘Please! Help me and get me out of this!’’ 

Sadly at the same moment, a bear appear and with full of rage advance dangerously. I step back slowly for not afraid the bear more and the wolf was trying to struggle without success. I panicked totally and do a scream : Help me!!! somebody help!!! On the moment no success for me too. Few minutes later I heard someone who come to help me with a rifle. The stranger give me his rifle to shoot the bear but I hesitated and was not sure about kill a wonderful creature. I scream : ‘‘GO AWAY!!! GO AWAY!!!’’ and the bear leave but at the same moment the wolf was tired to be in a trap and owl very loudly. Just at the moment I wanted to deliver the wolf of the trap, a troops of coyote come and they was 6

One of them run and jump and I have no choice to shoot. The others not happy about this do the same and because the weapon was a rifle, I can only shoot 1 bullet at a time. The stranger by luck having a knife on him and together we fight the troops of coyote. During the time we was busy with them we don’t have look one of them have go to the little wolf and hurt him by biting it. The stranger say : ‘’ Look the wolf is hurt hurry and help him, I take care of them! I have bullet in my jacket, take this!’’

The stranger give me some bullet for the rifle and in hurry I recharge the weapon and shoot the coyote who attack the little wolf. Now 4 to go, after I have kill 2 of them the others fight back and leave! Me and the stranger open the traps to deliver the little wolf. Too weak to able to walk, I take in my arms the little wolf and decide to return in my house with him

At my house, I heal it with bandage and all. 1 week after, the little wolf was healing and I decide to take it with me and return in the forest to say goodbye. He continue his life

At my house, 15 minutes after I turn back and see the little wolf follow me. Finally I decide to keep it with me and don’t tell this to anyone. I decide to give him a name : Wolfnator for his courage and bravery

Many years pass and together we are happy together. The little wolf become a big wolf.

After 13 years of happiness,joy and all the memories. The wolf die of age

No one have know this story, just a stranger and me

Each time I listen my music outside during a wonderful sunny day I take care to listen if I can hear a animal in distress to help him if needed

Each year of the date of his date I do special birthday to remember him   

IGN : Warriornator 2

IGN: lolcats223332

Owl is the perfect companion

The not so beastly beasts (Set before the events of royal revolt)

In a time of peace and prosperity there was a young prince whom had been set off to the royal academy to learn the art of battle magic. The training was hard and required immense amount of skill to complete. For many years he trained but unbeknown to him a dark time was coming and it would be up to him to stop a great evil from overtaking the kingdom he so loved.

At this time there where many uprisings in the east from a masked villain leading his legendary ninja army against the kingdom and news of people disappearing in the north with yetis roaming the tundra. The armies where stretched to there breaking point with a war on two fronts. But the worse was yet too come…

The prince however was unaware of this in the dark isolated corner of the kingdom deep in the sea of trees. Here the concentration of magical energy was immense and if utilised by the wrong people could destroy entire cities in a blink of the eye. The prince and his friend Helena (the daughter of the royal advisor Darrius) were in there final year of battle magic training. The final year was the hardest and most dangerous of all. The forest contained beasts of immense magical power and to complete the training they must go out alone and tame a beast.

It had been two months without a single sighting of any living animal and the further the two delved into the forest the more withered and dead the trees seem to become. There breath came out in clouds and a deep fog started to roll in from all around. Suddenly the smell hit them, the smell of death decay and despair. Helena started to quiver and the young price felt something hit him. It was raw fear bringing with it the promise of pain and death. The pair stood there rooted to the spot as if there feet had become magnetized to the floor as silhouettes stumbled towards them out of the gloom.

Suddenly flash the fog lifted and the silhouettes where revealed for what where. The dead. But not quite gone it was if there corpses had just held on the scraps of humanity to keep them from ever resting in eternal peace. ‘Run’ said a voice ‘Run while you still can’.

The pair ran and ran but something followed a cold unrelenting shard of evil hell-bent on their destruction. Wildlife withered and decayed in its path but again there was a flash. When the young prince looked up again the wraith was gone and there was a golden owl in its place. The owl then explained that the power of a long dead necromancer had been building in power but someone’s deep hatred for the royalty directed it at him. The owl then left but not without one final message, ‘Dark days are coming, you will feel like you can stoop no lower but it is how you recover that matters most. Now go for I fear the kingdom is in great danger keep your friends close and one day soon I shall return when evil again threatens.’

So with the great beasts words in mind the young prince set off to make the kingdom a better place…

Its Fang of course… Squire Fang to all you low land Kings.

There is a story but all real kings know this already :grinning:

Ign. Whatsago

Here is my story -:

After Defeating deadly ninjas , Yeti avalanche and Zombie apocalypse, Everything was going smooth in the Kingdom… The mighty King heard from Granny that there live a beautiful princess in other part of the realm… So the king decided to see her …

On his journey, The king stopped at a cave to take some rest… He entered the cave, Lit up his torch and to his surprise There was a baby wolf lying on the ground. The wolf was crying, King noticed that there was a poisonous bow stuck in his leg. The King removed the bow and helped wolf to survive this fatal Attack, Thus winning his loyalty. 

  An old owl was watching all this happening. When he saw that the king is so loving and kind, He decided to serve him for rest of his life… 

The king after taking some rest continued his Journey. He finally reached the other realm . When he first saw the princess, His jaw dropped. He narrated his courage stories that how his kingdom has survived numerous attacks so far… The princess was very impressed and then at the right moment, king proposed her for marriage.

Sadly, The princess told king that she is the only care taker of her realm and couldn’t Marry anyone… :slightly_frowning_face:  The king felt heartbroken and decided to leave.

When king was about to leave, The princess told Him that she was very impressed, Said sorry and for his Epic journey, She Would like to gift Him his wonderful pet aka Panda… The panda showed his loyalty by healing baby wolf’s wound completely. The king as a symbol of love, Took the panda and returned back home with 3 pets… :slight_smile:

IMO, The wolf be ideal companion.

IGN : majestic0046

If You are still reading, Thanks For Your valuable time… :slight_smile:



ign: vamsikr

i just love :heart: WOLFS

once there was an mighty kingdom call The Raging werewolves.They had a great emperor called VAMSIKR, he had a large number of army which includes crazy knights,mad ? paladins &orges,intelligent arrow ? fighters,and his fort well escorted by mighty cannons. He is not taking any taxes from the people of his kingdom because he is very much impressed by an organization called FLARE in those days. And he is a great lover of the nature and pets.

one day he went to forest only with his queen ? and enjoying the nature after going deep into the world they enjoyed alot and after sometime they tired ? and they want to take some rest they keep their belongings aside and ready to take their lunch but suddenly a group of wolf’s came and they spoiled the place and ran away with some of his belongings and king ? take it lightly and cleaned surroundings and ready to take his lunch. Once again wolf’s ready to attack this time king ? immediately reacted then wolf’s runaway and immediately coming then King asked to wolf’s why you are making such nonsense.then they if we make these type of discomfort to people then our king will be happy ?.then king ? got angry ? and ready to take his sword and said I’m the king VAMSIKR of this empire.then wolf’s fell on their feet’s and said please forgive us and we listening to your great stories we are looking forward to meet you ? my lord and also mention their problems with beasts and requested to get rid off the beasts.then he agreed and get ready instantly. After sometime he reached a place called graveyard and in that place didn’t saw a single tree ? with leaf’s while going through the place suddenly army of skeletons appears and he fought with them and defeated them with the help of wolf’s and conquered the place .from there onwards wolf’s live happily never violated the rules of the king Vamsikr .


my pal will be panda

Once upon a time there was a ferocious,brave king who never lost a battle.The name of the king was swinger235.One day he was returning to his kingdom after defeating the deadly ninja.The whole army was exhausted,so he decided to take a short break.He told the granny to cook the meal.With the help of the pyromancers they ignited the fire ?.The king thought of taking a short walk ? in the forest.While roaming in the forest he saw a cuuuute panda ?.He was leisurely spending his time.The king thought not to disturb him,so he went away.When he was about to go,he saw that a pack of wolves surrounded the panda.Since the panda was alone and helpless,he was definitely going to become the meal.The king ? could not let this go unchecked.So he jumped in front of the wolves bare handed.The king fought the wolves and was able to save the panda but he got badly injured.Since he was far away from his army,he thought that he was going to die. The king fell unconscious.After he woke up,he found himself in a tent.Granny told the king that the panda took them to him and because of the panda they were able to save him.The king was really grateful to the panda for saving him.So to thank him, the king took the panda to his kingdom and the panda ? became his best pal and they lived happily ever after.

The End?.

ulang tahun yang menyedihkan FG.


All my life I had thought they were children’s stories… I had never been more wrong in my life.

Legends tell of a great Owl Spirit who would arise in times of need, a Spirit more powerful than any earthly force. Her wings whirred loud as the cries of a wolf pack, and her vengeance was relentless as the tide bearing down on a lonely sandcastle. Yes, this Spirit was a force to be reckoned with.

When I was little, I had heard tell of the Owl Spirit, but in my childish impetuosity I had discarded her from my mind. Science and logic were the ways of the future, and neither God nor Spirit could hinder their progress.

Oh, that I had never heard of the Owl Spirit, then my error might be forgiven, but, as it stands, I see no hope for me in heaven.

Science and logic are two very powerful forces, to be sure – but they leave little room for emotions. In fact, they leave little room for anything. For example, when buying groceries, you buy the minimum amount of food needed for a balanced diet, and leave out the ice cream and candy bars. When forging armor, you put in only the bare minimum amount of metal needed to protect you, and leave out the pearls and other fancywork. When going out to battle, you feed your soldiers the smallest amount of bread possible and constantly look for ways to short-change them. You constantly attempt to weasel your way out of your end of deals, and you would even cheat your own self if it would bring a profit.

It is a tough life, living only by the principles of science and logic. Nobody loves you, and you love nobody. Everything belongs to the man who can conquer it. And thus I would travel from city to city, pretending to be a peddler, but once safely inside I would proceed to plunder the city of all its riches and raze its buildings to the ground. I took a barbaric delight in these actions. This was true power, and nothing could stop me! I enjoyed destroying the homes, the taverns, even the fields of each city I visited, leaving only the orphaned children to bury the dead and glean the paltry remnants of grain left in the trampled fields. I was nothing less than a villain.

In light of this, I took a name upon myself: Death-Whip, for I was the scourge of the countryside, and any city that had felt my lash was not soon to recover. My attacks were so frequent that newspapers no longer reported on me; the destruction I caused was as commonplace as the sun’s rising in the morning. 

I write all this from my death-bed; I know by this time tomorrow I shall have left this earth for a worse place. How I wish that I had never heard of the Owl Spirit, that my error might be forgiven! I knew all along that my actions were unacceptable, that science and logic were not the only forces in this world. But my pride and my selfishness goaded me on until I had created the time of need, and thus awakened the Owl Spirit’s vengeance.

Her flight was swift and true, and her vengeance was meted within the hour in which I first perceived her. Everything I thought was mine was taken from me: my armies slaughtered, my chariots overturned and my supplies scattered. My gold had been whisked away, most likely returned to the cities from whence I had stolen it. The clothes on my back are all I have left – yet I can hear her returning, perhaps they are not to be left to me after all.

My life, too, has been taken from me. My blood pours out upon the stones, and as I close this letter my breath grows painful, and my eyesight weak. I write this note for one purpose: that those who walk this earth in the years to come might not repeat my mistakes. Lo! The Owl Spirit draws nigh; it is time to bid the world good-bye.




IGN: smiles! :slight_smile:

Owl would be ideal companions

Ign: Sk Tzlil

Long long ago in the age of Royal Revolt 2 there was a young great King.He led his army into so many kingdom and he conquered many Kingdom. In every kingdom, men told about his daring deeds, but they said that since there had been no mighty king like oPelle and his castle is still undefeated.So the king decided to conquer oPelle’s kingdom.
 King started journey to Venice(oPelle’s kingdom). Before king started journey his mom gave him an owl.Owl were trained to send letters and show the way when king lost his way in deep forest.King got impressed by owls work, king named her Airy.
After passing many rivers ,mountains and ocean king reached to a deep forest,after pass forest he can go to Venice easily.So he started going through the forest , Airy was flying above forest  and  showing king way.After sunsets King ordered his army to make tent for taking rest or sleeping and he appointed paladin outside of tent to secure them all night. In midnight king got awake by some sound , he came out from tent to see what’s going on outside. He saw a lion chasing after a baby wolf to kill him.Paladin wasn’t able to kill big lion so  king immediately called Frenzy frost blaster(boosted arblaster) to save baby wolf from lion.So they killed lion and saved the baby wolf. King always wanted to pet wolf so now he got the chance. The baby wolf was do grateful to king for saving his life.He admired king as  his master and promised to serve him lifetime.
A day later the king reached Venice and attacked oPelle’s kingdom but he failed to win because of new lighting tower technology on his base :stuck_out_tongue: . So the king sent airy with a letter to his friend for suggestion.2 day later airy came back with a letter of kings friends. The king read the letter that his friend suggested to use monk and boosted Dracomancer to win oPelle’s base :stuck_out_tongue: . So king did as what his friend said on letter and finally young king defeated oPelle and conquered his kingdom.
oPelle got so impressed about the king and offered him friendship.Then oPelle gave the king his own pet baby panda as symbol of their friendship.Baby panda was so cute and it started to playing with king and king was happy with pandas behaviour.

Then king go back to his kingdom and started living happily with his 3 friend (owl,wolf,panda)
Moral of the story - King started his journey to conquer realms but he conquered 3 hearts and best companion of his life.


While on his very first mission on the foreign land, the king Indian Maharaja, decided to halt as the sun had started to turn red at Kraken Archipelago. His army had won previous few battles against the wildlings and he knew that the fight was soon going to get much tougher. But he was no ordinary king either. He used to lead his troops himself in the fights. He was a man of morals and his fellow kings adored him in his alliance.

But now he was out of food and it was going to be dark soon. He had heard stories of a devilish sorcerer- The Villain, they said he could see everything happening in the Ninja Islands.

The king ordered his troops to make a temporary shelter as he sat beside the fire sharpening his dagger. He was thinking about his encounter with the ninjas, the rogue assassins of the Ninja Islands. They almost killed him the day before, but he was not mad at them. ‘This is what living under The Villain makes you’ he thought. Ninjas were skilled fighters but they fought for gems and money. ‘‘Why you fight’ is more important than ‘how you fight’’ the king often said. He wanted to give a purpose to ninjas. A reason to put their skills to a better use.

The king watched his troops as they started to cut a few branches off an old Banyan tree nearby for more firewood. But something caught his eyes.
“Stop” he screamed “There is a nest on that branch, don’t cut it”. He walked to the tree and ordered a soldier to take a look. The soldier climbed up the tree and confirmed that there indeed was a  nest. And a little baby bird in it, probably an owl.

“B-But my lord” the chief of infantry units said with a stammer, who was standing there with the other troops “Pardon me but the bird can’t survive much longer. It’s mother is not around. And I’ve heard that ninjas use birds for target practicing. Even if we don’t cut the branch today a wild Ogre will eat it as a breakfast sooner or later. Don’t forget that we are in the Ninja Islands my lord”

The king listened patiently. Then he spoke in his familiar deep voice “Anybody with a weapon in his hand can take lives but saving others’ lives is not everyone’s cup of tea”.
“This little bird has nothing to do with our battles and it would be an injustice to take it’s life. The morals of a noble man reflect even in his smallest deeds. We will not be taking the bird’s home or it’s life. Go get firewood from somewhere else”. His order was followed immediately and he won the respect of his people once again. The king stood under the tree looking at the nest for a while. Then he started to walk towards the fire to continue sharpenning his dagger. He had a big battle the next day after all.

[When the king’s adventure in the
Ninja Islands was over, nobody knew that the little owl had followed the king back to his kingdom through the portal. And the king was soon to know that it was not an ordinary owl either.]

IGN- Indian Maharaja
Ideal Pet- The Owl (Olly)
Reason- An owl always pays it’s debt.

Hey Flaregames!Since Tapjoy doesn’t work anymore, i rely on your Forum events!So Grap a pack o’ Pop Corn, get yourself a glass of Beer and listen to my Story:


It was a cold and stormy night! Together, me and my friend walked through the Asian Jungle to find new species of Animals!It was my first day with him, so i sure was excited!We just walked a couple of blocks and passed some trees, when suddenly something Small Attacked me! I shaked my Limbs in hope to scare it off, but it didnt worked!My Friend took his Lighter and Burned the “Thing”! With the Light light giving us light we saw what it was: A little Panda which probably lost his famaly, seeking for food and safety! We must have Interrupted his Sleep! 

The Panda was really excited and wanted to show us something!Before we thought about it, we followed him! After a Miles Walk we stopped at a Small Cave entrance with a letter “Dont enter”! The Panda Run straight  and we made our way through Skeletons and Spiders! Pretty Creepy after all! We Finally arrived at the Main room! As far as i can remember the room contained only a huge Grave and Two Golden candeliers! Brave as i was, i opened the grave(Because ya know cliches and so! I cannot expect Alahu Akbars )! Just an old Sekelton was there!But suddenly it begans to Glimmer and Sparkle! The Skeleton was a Witch which(<-Haha Word Same) was trapped for centuaries in this Cave! "WHO INTERRUPTED MY SLEEP???YOU…YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS FOOL!"I was scared as Fagg but my Panda friend Put out his Ninja Spam Kick and DESTROYED that poor wich!Obly boned and Pieces of flesh were left over! I took her summoning stuff and Gave the panda a snack!We left the cabe and returned to my Kingdom!My beatiful wife was Impressed when i came back with a Panda Bear! At the end we adopted him and he still heals me and my Army to date!I named him Po Panda!

Le Morale: Interrupt Animals when they are sleeping and you might find yourself Dead or with a ton of Loot!

K thanks if you read this! Hope you laughed xD(If not well i guess i just bury myself in mud and blood)

Hope Gems cum to me!

IGN : BloodlustFighter

After a long battle, I was finally successful mainly thanks to my mighty werewolves. Called on knights to carry to sacks of gold and some goodies from the chamber of fortune :wink:


A wolf moaned in pain. I took my army from where the sound came. It was a tiny cute little wolf, who was shivering and had his claws cracked by frosty effects. I felt pitiful. I abandoned going to another battle and took him back to my kingdom to take care of him. The wolf started to show signs of swift recovery. A dark force was on the lookout to poison young animals minds to defeat various kingdoms. The wolf was a victim of the dark force, but he had managed to escape. He was on the look-out for the wolf. He soon got to know about his whereabouts. The dark force decided to attack the kingdom late at midnight. The guards defending my base had no clue as to what was the dark force’s weakness. The dark force stealthily advanced towards the me while I was asleep. The baby wolf knew that the dark force was susceptible to light therefore he alerted the royal guards, faithful paladins, and switched on all the lights. The paladins battered the dark force since they were charged up with the baby wolf’s howl and thus saving my life. The dark force was punished and made him my 8th worker in the kingdom :wink:

Thus, the baby wolf is my favorite pal, and the werewolves in the kingdom take great care of him :slight_smile:

IGN: KK Star

ones the father wolf and mother wolf said that all other units have a baby.why we don’t try to a baby.

at night a they decided to gather In a den.

next morning a baby wolf come outside the den.the little wolf.

father wolf teach him the raiding tips and how to roar.unlike father wolf he has the ability to move faster.

the father wolf give his baby to king and teach all lessons.


the baby wolf has been set a pet with his king.

once a greatest king named bedanta1 who conquered all kingdoms which came before him was going to conquer a kingdom of a king named king digi who was the greatest king and he was in the way. He decided to stop during night and find a shelter for his army and him. his army was making tents there to take some rest. some of his soldiers goes to jungle to bring some woods. king was taking diner that time. suddenly he saw that his soldiers who was gone in jungle was coming out of jungle with scary face. he asked them what happened? they told that there are ghosts in jungle. king decided to go with his army there. he ordered his army to prepare. they all go there. and king saw that a owl and a small wolf baby were doing very funny thing. wolf was making funny faces and owl too. they just wanted to play with those soldiers. king go near them and wolf and owl jumped on king. wolf sit in king’s hand and owl on his other hand. they were friends now. now king asked them to help attack king digi. they agreed. king go to attack king digi’s castle. and wolf helped him very much. owl keep an eye on king digi’s army and told every moment’s news to king. that way king won that castle too. and wolf baby and owl go with king to his castle. king made them his kingdom’s armyhead. and rewarded them with bravest soldier’s award. and they lived happily.

ign: bedanta1

my pal is wolfs.

I still remember that day. That was a beautiful winter day. Sun was out in the sky and breeze were blowing calmly. There was a strange peace spread everywhere. Everyone seems very happy. The armies were enjoying our last victory which was very close by partying in the tavern. Workers were also busy in building some new towers.The common people were also enjoying this victory. All these things were adding a new chapter to the glory book of our kingdom. Me and my queen were standing on the roof top of our palace and were discussing these things. Suddenly a new idea came into my queen’s mind. She said that why shouldn’t we celebrate this victory by doing something adventurous? Now the question was which type of adventure. We thought and decided that only we both will visit the nearby forest which is said to be mysterious and a large part of it is still undiscovered. We planned that we will skip from the palace when no on is watching us. We were waiting for our chance, at last it came in the early evening and thus we skipped from the kingdom and entered into the forest. The adventure was started. As soon as we entered the forest we got afraid. There was different types of sound coming from all around the forest but our fear kept vanishing as we marched ahead. As they said the forest was truly mysterious.

After walking through half a kilometer we reached a place from where some strange light was coming. We were thinking about this light when a baby wolf appeared suddenly into that light. We got frightened and thought of running away but some strange power did not let us run. We were stuck. The innocence of wolf was attracting us. It’s face was very cute. The baby wolf was seeing towards us with great innoncence. We both (me and baby wolf)  were continuously seeing into each others eyes. We were lost into each others eyes. It seemed that the wolf was asking something from me but what I don’t know.  I still don’t know what happened after this but after some time we were coming back to our kingdom with this baby wolf. When we reached our kingdom an enemy was evading our kingdom. I was in deep shock but soon this shock changed into surprise when I show that enemy troops were running away. This sudden change in enemy’s troops mind was strange. Then I realised that baby wolf is not here with me. He has disappeared. All these things, first attack then running of the enemy and now sudden disappearance of baby wolf has given a electric shock to my mind. I was thoughtless. But then I saw that the our army troops were carrying baby wolf on then shoulders and were dancing. I was asking to myself that what has happened and how it happened??Then queen said,“the baby wolf is  blessed with a special power”.She named this power as howl. Whenever the wolf is raged a special ring surrounds him and all the troops in its range get some extra health and power. Also the enemy gets a sense of fear in their mind  by this howl. Thus it was due to it’s this power that my troops got a sudden rise in theirs power and were able to defeat the enemy. I was very happy to have him and decided to adopt  the baby wolf as my pet. Everyone supported my decision including my queen. Now we were more powerful. 

With the passing days we were becoming more and more powerful and were including more territories into our kingdom. After three months of this event we visited that mysterious forest again. This time also the same event repeated itself except the fact that I got a cute owl this time which can stun.  I was very surprised and thus decided to find out the reason behind this mystery. So I visited the Monk in hope that he may help. The monk thought for a while and asked me to follow him. He took me to that forest again but via another route. To my surprise no creature appeared this time. He sat in the middle of that light and started praying. His prayer was still going, three hour has passed. I was eagerly waiting when he will finish. Suddenly a fire surronded him and he started burning. I was amazed and couldn’t think what to do now. The flame of fire didn’t allow me to see the monk at all. I was about to put some dust on the fire when monk raised his hand and the fire was extinguished. Now when I saw him, a baby panda was sitting on his lap. He gave that little cute panda to me and asked to keep it forever as my companion. He said this particular place is blessed by FG (Forest God) ,that is why you get a new pet evrytime you visit here. He asked me not to visit here too often otherwise this place will lose its power and I won’t get any companion further. I promised him that I won’t forget his words and came back to my kingdom happily with the healing panda. 

                   ~ THE END ~

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read this long story. I hope u would have enjoyed it. 

My ideal companion is BABY WOLF. 

I would like to give it the name ‘ISWOLF’

Ign:- lord_pk

*“my ideal little ?.”

           once upon a while i had a walk in a dense jungle where i saw a lot of creatures living , with my knights i visited the wonderful part of the jungle and when i had some resting time , i saw a group of owls residing on trees.

                      There were a lot of old and elder owls and at the moment i saw a little young owl on a bark of a old tree at a distance away from those grown owls … That little young owl ? saw me and was looking at me as if he needed something from me. After a while having lunch i heard some whispers on that tree and those elder group of owls were laughing and teasing that little one as he was unable to have good swings in air and a better home. But he didn’t give up and never bothered on those greedy needy creatures and fought alone his daytime. While flying ? felt at me , i thought he might be hungry so i gave him some stuff to eat. The next day some wood cutters came and started cutting trees and the nests of all those owls vanished but look what happened that tiny young was still there as cuz of that old tree, cutters didn’t cut that tree but he was lonely there. So after a while he came on my shoulders as i feeded him and as of his innocency and cuteness i took him with me to my kingdom and now he lives happily in my kingdom with all my army ,and that little young is now a favorite of all.





Let me tell you the story of the greatest  pal of all and how I came to meet him…

  In the final days of the year 2 of my reign as king, I was walking out of the inner sanctum and down the stairs to the courtyard,  thinking of all the festivities of the upcoming anniversary celebration.?  I heard a cry from atop the Inventors Workshop and saw a snow white owl ?.  I thought to myself - of course this is where a wise owl would dither, as there he could watch and share with the greatest of all the minds in the kingdom. To my surprise he called out “Hoo. Hoo. Who  are you?” I answered, “Jkm!! king ??of this great kingdom! And who are you, my feathered friend?” The owl replied, “Son of Hedwig of Hogwarts of Scotland and son of Mr. Oliver Owl of Tootsie Roll Land!!”

   I  was a bit taken a back, wondering how Hedwig and Mr. Owl would ever meet, let alone date, and let alone… well, you know how baby owls are brought into this world.  As I contemplated this mystery ? the owl flew from the Inventors Workshop towards the Castle Gate.  I shouted, “Wait! You are welcome in this kingdom!”  I ran after him, through the Castle Gate, only to be horrified  by the sound of a Firebolt Tower beginning to unleash it’s fiery arrows at my new friend! ? I  called to the guards to stop the tower from unleashing it’s deadly payload.  But no sooner had I given the order, than from the eyes of the owl came laserlike beams like that of Superman himself; beams that immediately stunned  my great tower! The tower and all the guards nearby  immediately froze still as if in suspended animation. I too stood motionless, my mouth agape ?. The owl then gently landed upon my right shoulder, saying “Thank you for your concern but I am quite able to take care for my safety.”

   And so began the friendship and partnership of The Great White Owl, greatest of all pals in all the kingdoms, and I, king of  this great land ?!!

      –  IGN Jkm!! –



Game Royal revolt 2

My pal would be the little devil or the little wolf. It will send terror into my enemies and will turbocharge my troops.

I met this guy when I was wandering in the forest. Finding my way home and thinking how I can make it to my kingdom was troublesome. I met the owl, he said he will help and offered few gems. I was flattered but a sense of responsibility came over me. I said no and moved on. I met the panda. He did the same and I too did the same. I moved on and met the little wolf abandoned and crying for his mother. He offered his service and huge gems to help find his mother. I thought this is what I always wanted and took him in.