First Time on YouTube! Nemesis Beast - Celestial Nemesis Tested...

 For the first time on Youtube

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The testing of Nemesis Beast - Celestial Nemesis

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Cool video! Just a suggestion, don’t have the words cut into the video. You have a video showing the beast equip screen, then you cut to a text screen, for instance “I will test my own base because no one has equipped it”. Then you go back to the beast screen. Try to put the text over the video you made, that way it doesn’t cut in and out

I don’t have perfect software to do it. Can you tell me a cool video editor which I can use?

I use Microsoft Photos lol. Free program with Windows 10. Right click on your video and go to Open With - Photos. Then your video will open in the photos app. At the top right there will be a dropdown button that says “Edit & Create”. Click that and go to “Create a video with 3D text”. Then you can put your videos together and trim them up. You can also put in some fun songs (either your own or default songs from Microsoft). The tools are very easy to use. When you are in the editor you can also put text in your videos!

When you are done making your video, at the top right you will see a button that says Export & Share. Click that and a dropdown will show you a few options. Choose the Medium size. It’s the best for sharing on YouTube. In a few seconds your video will be perfect!

I will try it in the next video. I use Movie Maker now, it have slow motion 60fps video, which is the best for FREE.

Photos is free as well. Movie Maker is an ancient app lol. There are a lot of things wrong with it. It’s best to use an app that is up to date with technology. Microsoft Photos is perfect for that. Of course, it has it’s own quirks lol

Once I used it. When I got an output. It showed a pink screen instead of a video. So, I left it and never used it again…

Thanks for sharing your impressions of the Nemesis beast. :slight_smile: What do you think should be improved? :slight_smile:

Since he’s a beast that costs 300k crystals to get the first donation, I’d say he needs a major buff. Phoebe shouldn’t be better than him. I personally don’t think he should get a buff and that his price should just go down, but that’s just what I think. If the price doesn’t go down then the beast needs to be extremely hard. If the price goes down, he shouldn’t change

The music playing on the background is lovely. I loved it. 

The way you showed the strength of nemesis beast was awesome. Lastly the recommendation about focusing on Phoebe was good ( because of the same reason I liked FTB so much )

And yes we do need creators in every trophy tier to understand how the game is behaving in lower levels. Almost all the creators we have now are on higher level than 100. Thumbs up for that.

Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Damage shall be increased a lot. The beast cost 7.5 times more than Phoebe. If it does less damage than Phoebe, it is useless.

I think it should be increased in offense making it the most dangerous beast.

Don’t go for Nemesis. It is a foolish Pal. You have to waste 3750000 crystals to get it. Better is focus on Phoebe.

I dont know if that is the right post… But i like AKs idea from last year… Why should the nemesis beast not join a dragon… Then the dragon attack in Front…the biggest Problem  with the beast gameplay atm. Or range damage no single attack.

Nemesis PAL need only a bit more damage the shining light its strong,  so i say 5-10% more damage. 

… and a question from my side: why we not discuss in the balance changes nemesis post?.. ?

It is because alliances don’t have it now. People don’t want to waste 150k pro crystals for such a foolish pal. When more ally will have it, then, it will be discussed.

This is discussed now and those who wanted to buy it! and this is not stuрid pal


If you raid a Celestial Nemesis base and a Celestial Phoebe base, which one you will find stronger. Of course, Celestial Phoebe. If phoebe gives more power than this ***** pal, why should you go for it, for it gives you nothing in return.

do not be shy

if you care, you can go out of your topic and discuss it with the community and managers.


Nice video showing the new pay for beast. Of course it will never be as strong as Celestial Phoebe as that heals itself every couple of steps, so killing it from an opposite path before it kills your army is almost impossible.  At the mid to lower lvl RR2 isn’t a tower defence game at all, it’s just a monster killing game with some towers.  

From what I’ve seen this particular forum is full of the top/upper lvl of the trophy leader board and anyone offering opinions from lowers down are just told it’s the way it’s always been, so can’t change! Even though most of the player base is in the mid to lower lvl anyway.  Game is unrecognisable from when I played.