first time to be Kicked out in an Alliance

My first time to be kicked out  in an Alliance.

Ouch and it hurts.

I am a neutral player and will always be a neutral player.

I don’t take sides in every clan, group or player nor judge them.

I support everybody.

I had been in every clan,

I am a friend of my enemy’s friend, 

but doesn’t mean to say I am a spy.

Be more terrified with hackers not with a simple player like me 

who is just enjoying the game and sharing golds to everybody.

I rather not be in any Alliance, than being judge.


@todes family, I enjoy being in your clan, and Thank you, guys are very funny and generous.

@Mohamedq and others, for your information… SK didn’t kicked me out, I Left

@desi, i love your wisdom

@bolz1, i love your lasagna

@heroesflorian, i love your writings

@fii, i love your noodles

@Quenn and Losta, Thanks for your golds

@mani, you just shattered my dreams, thanks for making me cry. Yes truth hurts!

@ to your leader, Thanks for kicking me out coz i can’t prioritise your clan 

          and support everybody

       and welcome for my additional gold donation, though you never thank me instead

       all i can see is “WTF”

Every did no one talk to you before about kicking?

No one will ever no the reason why this happened Avery since you mantion every where that we kicked you out you should also tell the reason

Shatterd your dream what are you saying about


I am a neutral player and I stand being a neutral player.

I don’t prioritize any clan, I support everybody.

I support Todes, I support SK and others.

I share golds with everybody.


and that is the reason why!

i was the only one who was trying my best from both sides and the only one who hate you so much the only one who always vote against you you were our members choice not mine our all members all ways voted for you Todes is like a family more then a clan the only thing that hurts tjat your priority are other not us saying stupid things to our member is a really immature behavior you can blame me for all the things

as i said, I support every clan, group and players…but i don’t prioritise

because of "prioritise thing: ur leader kicked me out.

I am a neutral player and will stand to be a neutral player.

I don’t blame you Mani

Don’t take it personally. If you guys are looking for real world “friendships” I recommend something in the real world. One without language or culture barriers. If you’re just looking for an alliance then apply to one lower down, I couldn’t care less whether I get 20% 30% 40% gold boost. Or what troops get activated.


Do you guys squabble in the chat or something in your alliances. :wink:

sad  to  hear  ,  you  might  be  losing  confidence  after  this  incident  

Being neutral is good attitude and that not mean to be she is not loyal, I know about avey from when I started to play RR2 , she is a helping tendency player so she may look like neutral that is not to mean spy, avery always want to grow in the game with all , she never wanted to grow alone , really it is a great attitude …………


Avery you may loose an good alliance but not good friends …

Avery you do realize your playing a game where you attack people and if you attack multiple times on the same person and he attacks back, its pretty much a game of war:-)

and Avery I can’t see any way that you would be kicked out, oh yeah because toadspitter’s only goal is to be on the top, but others like you, me,etcetera play for fun


Yes i understand your point Atlas, but my post is not about attacking multiple times.

So i hope you noticed that as well… :slight_smile:

I did

I am sorry to hear that you are kicked out of your alliance AveryCole. Whatever the reason was, accept it and go on (I mean it in a positive way).


I fortunately never was kicked out, but if it ever happens to me, I would consider it as their loss.


Here my offer, maybe would you consider to join “United we Stand” alliance AveryCole?


Players are chatting a lot with each other, but chatting is definitely no requirement at all. We are trying to hold reckon with each other and act as a team. We certainly don’t discuss strategies on Facebook or other mediums, like some other alliances have as a requirement. Being neutral towards the alliance will be just fine, we respect that as a choice.


At the moment I am doing my best to help other players with some advice in the hope that they can strengthen their base, but only if they actually ask for helping them. A player like you would be invaluable as a member for joining us. I realise that you are much stronger than everybody else in the alliance and you would have to think twice. I also realise it must be easy for you to join another alliance, a lot of them will be interested in a player like you.


At the moment I am the player with the highest trophy range and you would even be much higher in trophy range than me, but for me that is allright. i don’t need to become number one, I just like playing the game a lot. I could have joined very ambitious alliances already if this was my goal, but I like this alliance, they are willing to help each other as a team.  


Donations don’t need to be high at all, even the lowest one will be appreciated. Certainly donations with real money are not required. What I am trying to tell you, we would like to have all kind of players to join us, especially high ranked players like you will be more than welcome, we don’t actually have one yet. Being neutral will and shall be accepted. Maybe even more high ranked players like you are following your example later.


Feel free and try it for a while. Master Diaz (leader of our alliance) will be delighted if you are willing to join us.

yeah too bad if you get kicked . i dont know reason or what . but in 99% of the time they kick because they can get another player in with higher stats and who can pay more gold daily. this game if just a bunch of loot whores . and if a clan leader is that he doesnt deserve to be clan leader .

well at least Avery love my noodles , which is a good thing  :wink:


I won’t be commenting further about this.All I know is that this is bad day for Todesritter , lots of mistakes done , some misunderstanding too.Maybe some harsh decision made I don’t know but it won’t happen again.


I believe we lost a good player/friend and I am sorry it comes down to this but it could be a good thing for Todesritter too , we’ll learn from this I’m sure


Good luck Avery with your progress and your next alliance

@ Dena, Thank You

for the kinds words and the invitation

that’s very nice and sweet of you.

I am Speechless and overwhelmed.


@ Lion Richard, I send my grattitude for you buddy!

and thank you for always reserving a spot for me in your clan.

@Avery: where my thanks?