First week: Christmas Quiz!

Hello community,


How well do you know Royal Revolt 2?

We will discover it during this journey.


The rules are easy:

  • One answer per person for each question.
  • The posts are disabled so you will NOT be able to see your answer nor other players answers. The posts will be enabled once the results are given.
  • You will have from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC/GMT +1 hour) of the same day to answer.
  • Don’t forget to leave your ingame name!

At the end of the week, I will post a leaderboard.

Each right answer will give you one point :

The player with the highest amount of point will get 1000 gems , the second one will get 500 gems and the third one will get 250 gems.

If some players have the same amount of points , one will be chosen randomly.


I will list here the questions, with a link directly to each of them so you won’t have to search through the whole topic. :grinning:


Question n°1: How many different colour options do you have for your King’s equipment?

Question n°2

Question n°3

Question n°4

Question n°5

Question n°6

IGN : Soilwk

14 is my answer .

9 * 14 = 126 different models for color options of King’s equipment. do you want this? I don’t understand question better.

We have currently 14 colour set options:

  1. Red & White with Gold Frame
  2. Red & Black with Gray Frame
  3. Orange & Black with Gray Frame
  4. Yellow & Black with Gray Frame
  5. Green & White with Gold Frame
  6. Green & Black with Gray Frame
  7. Light-Blue & Gray with Gold Frame
  8. Light-Blue & Black with Gray Frame
  9. Dark-Purple & Black with Gold Frame
  10. Light-Purple & Black with Gray Frame
  11. Crimson-Red & Black with Gold Frame
  12. Fluorescent-Green & Gray with Pink Frame
  13. Red & Yellow with Light-Blue Frame
  14. Purple & Celestine with Gold Frame

IGN: oPelle

There are 14 ( fourteen ) colour options for my kings equipment.


Ingame name : - Subhra Jeet

14 ign:flamer0

14 options

Micky oao

14 options - ElementG

21 If you count grey shades.

Adam World Ruler


We have 14 different colour options for our king’s equipments… :slight_smile:

IGN:Sachin wankhade

14 colours

14 colors


14 different color options.

IGN deepak.yorku

There are 14 different combinations of colors for the king’s equipment.

14 colors

14 colour option

Ign : wiltotan




There are Fourteen Different color options for the Kings equipment, Also there are Nine pieces of equipment and any color option can be applied to each piece or all pieces at the same time.

You have 14 different color options.


IGN: juli izq