Fix Blasters!

I could beat any base if you would actually allow my blasters to have arrows when raiding! Over half of them never shoot their arrows when plenty of targets. WHY? 


Yes, it seems to be.

Did you test your own base to check that?

That sounds really weird.

I never saw that happening, aren’t they getting one-shot by a Blizzard or something?

EDIT: Some game play recording would be really helpful to show what’s happening.

That’s what I was thinking. It sounds like a bug but not one I’ve ever seen. Sometimes they get killed before they can fire anything though, especially if they’re up against storm cannons.

will try to get screen shot. phone is maxed out most of the time.

Yeah, get a screenshot or video and then send a ticket to the support team

if its like the Monk its possible. Monk under the freeze effect do nothing. They are so slow you must ignore them and lets them die. I don’t know if Flare have make some change about Froster but something make them more deadly. Maybe the server update about 5.4 range to 5.5 but I don’t think so

Anyway its maybe the reason of why Arblaster don’t shoot. Unit on effect of Froster are paralyzed at a point they don’t do anything.

I find that frustrating a base with so much Froster. All your units are slow and don’t do anything. You are alone to destroy all towers. I lose all my units because of Frosters

Units are definitely slower but they don’t stop moving or attacking. I haven’t seen them stop at least