Fix the Monk

Like mentioned here :

Monk speed is bugged like hell. Like I have demonstrated in this topic. Same if you summon 10 of them or more no one follow. Stay behind and don’t walk or whatever look the sky or look his stick

I have test on my Ipad and the Monk is the inverse. Too much fast. at 2.00 speed they are more faster than a knight at close 2.95

Speed is not the only problem. Healing don’t work properly

Here you see few minute ago I die because Monk cannot heal. I have test yesterday with 6 of them surrounding me and same if 6 of them have cast Heal. My life have still below 2% in critical situation. 1 time on 10 cast maybe the healing work and full you. During this time you are in a critical situation close dead and if you got damage during the time you waiting. too bad you die

So fix the Monk. I have hear in the past the Monk got this problem too once. So maybe the bug is back


his healing works only after a few sec - there is nothing to count on them (’)

same pandas - the belt reloads and they only heal moments after: ((

Just like Grubaz said here, Monks heal every N seconds (maybe 5, not sure).

Even if you have 10 monks, you need to be careful because if all 10 heal you to full HP at the same time…

You’re still gonna have to wait N seconds because they’re all gonna heal at exactly the same time (if you’re within range of course).

Maybe they should resurrect the king with 1% health if they’re “late”. :grinning:

you could have 50 monks and maybe 1 will actually do something.

It’s a routine bug during wars. Monk (as insta/troop) simply do no heal, just hitting. FG wants us to use resurrection.
Don’t expect FG to fix this bug, as they want us to spend more for this game.

Yeah, but when I was playing I would have tons of monks, and they would NEVER heal when I needed them too. And it was far after any countdown would’ve been finished, at least 15 seconds, always

Actually, from what it would seem, if you have a horde of monks they will all tend to heal at once, rather than follow their individual cooldowns. Or that’s the impression I get.

But they definetly cast heal the moment my hp reaches zero. :angry:

Yeah, unfortunately that’s how it works.

It’s pretty simple to understand why.

If the monks were always near you, then they all started healing at the same time.

My suggestion to fix this would be:

If the hero HP is near 90% (for example), then despite having 10 monks, probably we only need the heal of 1 of them.

So, only 1 of the Monks should heal, not all of them.

Now, if after 15 seconds (used @AwesomestKnightest countdown) the hero is in a pinch… Let’s say 25% HP.

Since the last time only 1 Monk healed, now the 9 are free to heal the hero (or even less if enough to fill the hero HP)

EDIT: I understand this may be really hard to implement, because the monks don’t talk to each other before using Heal 

First you would have to get them to stop drinking before raids!

That’d make sense but it’d be a pain in the buttocks to implement, likely resulting in a “somebody’s gonna do something so I don’t have to” scenario (a crowd mentality thing), or just stump all of them altogether while each stops to ponder what to do now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the monks union could go on strike.?

Also let’s not forget that monk also heal troops, not only the king. A status bar like the necromancer would be cool. This way you could tell when a monk is about to heal.

I can already imagine a future…

Where even Knights will have a status bar  

Why not, after a hard day of work, they could go to the Status Bar and grab a beer or two.

in RR2 we don’t find any info we need. Maybe the Monk don’t work like we think they work. Same if you have 10 or 20 around the king none heal the King. However after the post of Grubaz I have make some test and notice you need to be immobile during the time Monk heal. If you move the heal don’t work. So when you need to be healed just don’t move and wait the Monk heal you and make sure you are in the blue circle in his range. 1 Monk is enough to heal you close max

I find this strange the heal don’t work great during you move with them. If you run none heal you. You need to stop and wait a little like the HP Regen

That’s a really strange behaviour Warrior.

My monks usually heal, as long as I’m in range and after the N seconds we previously talked about.

I usually keep clicking all the time, so I’m not stopped like you say and It works.

Can you show us a video of the Monks bug please?

Yes, would really help in fixing this bug. Of course, it could just all be poor timing for getting hit. Just bad luck on our parts :wink: . It doesn’t happen EVERY time I would need them to heal, but it was very frustrating, cause it happened all the time. I see them just prancing along while I’m running back pleading for some of that delicious potion . I mean, it’s possible that the monk had healed troops just before and I didn’t see it, but that’s a bit of a long shot, imo

Ah, I see.

So you’re one of those who likes to do marathon by himself all the way to the castle gate  :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, yeah, that’s how I used to play, recently, before my laptop broke again, I watched Flothaboss’ old attacking vids and I starting attacking like a real Pro. I was a beast, a beast that couldn’t be stopped…other than those attacks when I would lose   

Wow, it must suck to have problems on your laptop all the time. Damn.

Really cool to hear you changed your play style.

I used to hang around alone back in the past, also thinking “hell yeah, I’m the man, I can destroy everything! muahaha”

That is, until I started to find some hard bases.

Then, it all changed to be like: “Perhaps my troops are here for something…”