Fix the Mortar

Flares done really quite well about keeping all the units relevant through out the levels and gameplay…

(Done terrible keeping Towers relevant, but I’ll complain more about that later I’m sure!)

The only unit I see that’s still a total waste of space is the Mortar.  When are they going to make the Mortar useful?

I had suggested a new set of war boosts which included a mortar that could release more poison bombs at a time at different locations for more damage. (In general discussions)

With the recent balancing, mortars are now surprisingly quite popular among top players as it resists max blizzard.

I do agree, storm cannons are way better than mortars for the same morale. I would rather keep a monk than 2 mortars which easily go down against a ranged troop. Although blizzard does not destroy it, it will lower its attack rate (which is already very poor). Maybe another update could make them overpowered.

It gonna be important now with the ninjas having poison weakness… :grinning: