Having your PAL and NINJAS on defense would be nice to have. When is FLARE going to fix this problem for the many players who don’t have it.  I am at level 103.

You can have both of them if you joining an alliance that have Defense Beast (pal monster form) and Defense Ninjas.


ps. Try to not write in big font size please. We still can read well.

It’s possible he doesn’t speak English and that is from Google Translate, it happens to me sometimes when I copy from Google Translate (into German or another language)

Really? Why I never had that even though using it all the times? (by the way my English is not good ?)

However, I don’t think he use google translate by looking at his activity in this forum. I think he purposely make it bigger. Look at the word PAL, NINJAS, and FLARE; all using caps to emphasize his explanation.

But, if I’m wrong then sorry @GFYRR2, there’s format font toolbars here. You can use it before post your statement without worry because it’s free.

you never know with flare :wink:  

Seriously can someone (FLARE) explain why some players do not have Pals and Ninjas in their defense?

Why should a player have to join alliance to get those things if you are able to play in ninja and have pal in offense, then you should have them in defense also. What say you FLARE and FTB? The picture shows that being part of alliance does not matter.

You win the offensive ninjas by yourself, the defensive ninjas are rewarded for team effort. If your team doesn’t win them, nobody deserves them, no matter if they have them on offense or not. Also everyone can simply buy the ninjas on offense

When someone is without an alliance, he doesn’t have a beast. Beasts are based on donations. No alliance, no donations, no beasts. It’s as simple as that.

About the guy in the alliance without the beast. The alliance either doesn’t have unlocked a beast, or this guy simply didn’t put one in the base

So how do you explain the guy not in alliance that has beast? Everything else  makes sense.

That’s a visual glitch. It mainly happens after a player recently was kicked or left an alliance. It won’t be like that tomorrow

this is perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I agree with you that it should be a team effort, but I also agree with GFYRR2 because it can be frustrating to do all the dirty work and then not get the ninja’s just because one or two noobs down there didn’t participate

Will have to take a look and see if I can prove your theory. 

Just raided someone with no alliance and with beast emblem and there was no beast. Thanks to everyone for clarification.

Why do I expect you just took over an account of another player? If you played the game by yourself and managed to reach a reasonable hero level, you should know the answer to this question a long time ago. Even when reading your posts in other topics, makes me wonder why you don’t know all those basic things.

You win it as a team. If you can’t win it as a team, you don’t deserve them, cause you failed as a team. Is it frustrating, ofc, but then you need to find better members, or you have to look for a new alliance, if you don’t like it. But saying that everyone that wins the ninjas on offense, should automatically get them on defense too is stupid, cause no matter how bad you score, or don’t  play at all, you can simply buy the ninjas, that way everyone would have the defensive ninjas, no matter how much the alliance scored, plus, alliances would suffer even more, cause of the lack of teamwork. You’ll get more and more slackers

I am SURE no one even FLARE knows everything about this game. As I have said before I have never been in alliance so I don’t know hardly anything about it. I assumed that if you had friggin ninjas and a pal in offense that it would be on defense also. And I cannot help that Flare does not fix bugs that can lead someone to think that. Maybe it is you that is trying to confess and clear your conscious for taking over another account? I don’t know, maybe you can let me be me and you be you.  

Pfff…  If you checked my account statistics, you would see that I already have an account here for more than 3 years here. In fact I have it way longer, but this hasn’t always been the forum location. We had to recreate our account here. I don’t ask basic questions like you that almost anyone in the game is able to answer or is able to lookup. 

How long do you play? I play from almost the start, I can tell you stories about the first days, no boosts, no alliances, no chests and the list goes on and on of what wasn’t available. I even can give you the complete history of my account, my first alliance and so on. But let’s not go off topic.

Nobody knows everything about this game, but we use wikia pages to lookup handy info, there you most likely can find the answers you are looking for.

In the link above you have your answer for when you gain defensive ninjas for example. 

Here you can read about beasts. Everyone inside an alliance can tell you when you unlock a beast, that’s by pal donation, that info is not there indeed.

Not being part of any alliance is one of the most unsmart things you can do, even creating one with only you as member is more smart. But… it’s a personal choice.

I showed you by just searching wikia pages of royal revolt, you could already answer major part of your question. 

Yes have been on that site and general searches of topics on web. But there are still gaps on true explanations on some of the aspects of the game especially when starting out first 50 or so levels. When first started thought ninja event was where bunch of ninjas were going to come out and destroy everything that I built. Most people just have to test crap out to see what happens. So that is what I have been doing and joined the forum to give advice when can and get it when needed in forum. Instead of claiming that I am a hack you could have simply gave advise like you did above. Thanks by the way. 

The wikia doesn’t hold all accurate info any longer, thanks to flare. oPelle did a great job creating that forum, but when he asked recently to give him accurate values, flare just did like they knew best. So it’s not updated any longer and that’s a shame. But still a treasure of information is there. For the rest, there are enough veterans out here like me who can help with questions. 

If you check my responses you see I help a lot of players. Only some people think they know best, while out of their responses we see they actually have no clue. You say you play already for a reasonable time. You should join a team and benefit from boosts is best advice I can give you. Only… For joining a good team, Alliance tower should be upgraded. Some ask 250k donation while better teams more. See it as a way to keep boosts up plus to grow. With those boosts you get gold more easily and dungeons become more easy.