Fix the Problem

Three times today I’ve gotten 80% and above and knocked down the gate and got the rotten surprise of -12,-13, and -17 on those attacks. I’d like to know if you guys think they should change it.

Awesomeknightest and others have create topic about this. Its the horrible result of the change in trophy systems make in 2017 If I remember. the add of the anti camping mechanism. Also now defender are punish when others do only 30% and lose trophy and same in offense you lose trophy at 80%+. So at final you only hope to gain trophy now its to do a really tough base that will allow you to stop everyone and gain +20,+35 and more in defense

This trophy system have ruin RR2. Long time we repeat it but Flare seem don’t care about this.

Flare doesnt care about nothing. If I wasn’t in an alliance with some good in game friends, then this game would not exist on my tablet. Flare, we all know that you think that we mean nothing, but please, for the sake of your game, fix this go**amn problem.

long time we repeat and repeat and repeat. I am tired like many to repeat all the problem RR2 have

  • trophy systems have kill the game. change it

  • anti camping mechanism have kill the game. change it

  • No gold available have kill the game. will be solve by fix 1 and 2

  • No tutorial or real tutorial about the game mechanic have kill the game. All new player don’t stay. Too complex or not well explain. they are lost and don’t know what to do

  • Time consuming

  • Unbalance offense and defense

and many more

RR2 have just too much problem. its the reason of the dead states over 2 years. We repeat but Flare don’t care. they add new stuffs who broke the game more and more and bring more bugs and problem over and over add new version, new stuffs and more problem over and over. Since 4 years.

we have better communication on forum ok but the rest is the same

when they nerf or change something that change all the rest and broke the game. Its the same wheel who turn again and again over 4 years. Seem they don’t know what they doing honestly