Fix the War Scoring/Skull System in Conquest Mode

I’m a Level 120 player.  And I play in a low level alliance with player between 80 and 121.  Over the last 3 Conquest Seasons, I’ve experienced many different Wars where I was fighting a solo battle against 5 or more opponents, and I was winning.  Until a low level team mate decided to help, and all the skulls they won from him lost a War I would have won. 

So simple request make it so any help is help.  I don’t want to have to yell at my team mates for trying to be active and help!  But that is what Flare is encouraging with this system!

Isn’t that part of the Conquest strategy?

Chosing your own team for each tile battle?

At least it’s how I see the system:

War: Everyone vs everyone (100% vs 100%)

Conquest: X% vs Y%, depending on the strategy.

I agree its a bit wonky ….

That’s why I suggested do away with the old system and skull perks.

just make it king level x 10 and the 50% (so 1300 skulls max before bonus )

Then at least the low players don’t bleed skulls like a high player

Actual bonus shull 50% for all is no good. Maybe bonus skull should depend on

  1. numbers of players
  2. defence/attack tile 
  3. maybe other

But why bonus skull is static and is constant (always 50%)?

And one strong player could block on tile many weak players (i see battle where strong player won battle with 12 weak players) - how it is possible

The 50% is not a issue if the skulls rewarded for an attack is appropriate for the king attacked

130 king could be 1300 +  650= 1850

attacking a 100 is 1000 +500 =1500.

a big problem is from 95 king up you get max skulls so the worse the disparity the worse the situation gets . it does not scale well.


One problem is that high hero levels also have highest skull percentage gear in general and the difference usually is immense. 

Most high hero in strong teams have minimum of 32.5% skull perks. So when they fight hero level 95 for example, they gain 1345 skulls + 50% + 100 for the cof skulls => 2117 skulls for one raid. 

The opponent with low or no skull gear can score 1015 + 50% + 100 skulls in cof  => 1622 in theory. In fact they don’t reach the gate, but only by skull gear the difference is already over 500 skulls for one single raid in the advantage of the high level hero. In reality however the low level hero can be glad to score 50 skulls. So yes, it’s unfair, this scoring mechanism. I don’t see a good reason why skull gear should play any role in wars during conquest. 

Also take in the fact that a low level player unlikely declares war against the high level player, makes it even more unfair. I don’t really see a simple solution to this, since it would also be unfair that a bunch of low level player has any chance to win against a high level player. 


Just adding a visual confirmation here ?


This isn’t a problem of “high level king / low level king”. See the picture below. 

This looks more like a situation where it was 1 against many for a long time.
Then a 2nd player of your team joined and earned its skulls and just after that the picture is taken.

Just for easier rounding, every player can get 2000 skulls on an enemy player. So if you assume all players (all high level king) can beat each other or are willing to scroll for it, the 17 players of the other team must have a lot more skulls, surely on 2 players.


There were just two bases from the beginning. They had problems with the Heroscream bug and couldn’t beat our bases for a long time.

CIA is a strong alliance with strong players. 

Btw: In the end they won !



All I wanted to say:

This isn’t a specific problem with high level / low level king.

This occurs also if you face

  • stronger boosts


  • horrible bugs.

Ok, so this bug gave the same effect as high king - low king and was only temporary for this conquest (so not really relevant in this discussion here).

Maybe the solution is to change the 3 fight max skull limit/

It is fine in war as there are a lot of players so 3 different fights at max is possible.

Maybe it should be a players 3 best scores count 100% regardless of if its the same player then the additional amount.

It may make it 1 to4 players instead of 1 to 12 in the bad fights.


Idea is very well. 

Is will solve problem when one player attack i.e. 3 players and they have similar score like this one player