FIX trophy compensation

Yet more days since hidden trophy compensation for ascension level is in place.

Flare Games, you cannot say how many trophies we should have. Remove this from trophy system, this is TOTALY UNFAIR!

Also I see that very high ascension lvl people are concerned that they will be farmed as happened in past when you tried to improve the system so people do not loose so many trophies when they attack and not win the battle.

As I suggested in a post you can do the following:

  • if the attacker did not destroyed the defender gate (no win) in time he will get 0 trophies OR -3 trophy (minimum gain per win)

  • if the defender did not lost (his gate was not destroyed in time) he will not loose trophies.

 i think the thing is now you win or lose trophies for not beating gate depends on the % you beat the map and the trophy count of player, but still you get rewarded for not beating the gate if someone has more trophies then you! thats still not right they nerfed defence so much its easy to rush last part of map and reach gate with hero, and agree with you people shouldnt be rewarded for not destroyed gate. just keep it simple win or lose.

We all remember when they broke the trophy system: 

It was an attempt to improve it since the system before was punishing players very hard when they loose (either attack or defend). But this attempt introduced the possibility of farming people especially high ascension lvls with weak defense. We all remember KFOOL dominating top rank for ages with absurd amount of trophies.

Before this  update 

the trophy system was acceptable. For sure if you have a very high ascension lvl and I may assume that towers,barricades and units are not well scaled for 80+ ascension it is very frustrating to see how your trophies goes away faster than you can gain.

But this update from 18/07/2016 introduced another UNFAIR thing: trophy compensation by ascension lvl. If you read the notes and i quote : 

  • Changes to the Trophy System. Increased the weight of the players’ ascension level for calculating the amount of trophies one can win.

who would ever thought that from this vague statement they decided to set thresholds by ascension lvl till when you are compensated with trophy per win (66% more trophies)?

Instead of balancing the towers, barricades and units for lvls they add more more exceptions from the formula that calculates the trophy reward.

Flare Games this is the wrong way. You have to use the same formula for all of us your players and adjust the weights in the formula till it works well. If you just add:

IF(player ascension lvl \> X) DO this IF(attacker hit defender gate) DO that ......


And I consider this game has GREAT POTENTIAL!

OK Flare Games,

For current matchmaking I present you a FAIR system of trophy calculation that can be applied to all players:

I will keep my ironic comments for myself. But you really disappoint me…