fix war matching

this is realy shit .

flare again you fucked up. this is just crap. war starts and we have Alliance in level 115 range and one other guild in war is like 100. rest is all under top 50 . so this is just impossible to win the war ,.

fix your matchmaking cause this is just plain stupid. and verry demotivating for continuing this game.

most alliances have many more members so even if we make enough points then we just have no chance as long as other alliances members all attack. cause they just get more points . we can attack more and more to get a few extra points  % but that doesnt cut it. its so unfair . so when are you going to do something bout this game and make it better then Always release updates with bite players in the ass.

Even many top alliances are purposely lowering there fiefdom count so they are able to dominate lower leagues and never have to face the top alliances in wars.

But this is not against the rules. That is most liekly the response you will get.


I don’t mind facing stronger enemy’s though.

I would just like a longer cooldown between each war. 4 days would be a lot better than 3.

I like the ideas here!


I was thinking

  • People cannot be attacked until they start to attack the other alliance.
  • Or, the alliance leader gets to pick and choose who can participate.

This would bring fairness to skull plowing. What do you all think?

Ok first of all stop crying.this is just a game,so play for just enjoyment.

You not gonna loose anything if you loose a silly war.people always complaining that it is too hectic,it is too hectic.don’t you understand its on you whether you want to participate or not.who cares if I loose some fiefdoms,just took part in the war and do your three best attacks,that is all.

I find people always complain about matching with wrong alliances,I am saying whether you are matched with low rank alliances or high rank alliances,why it Is bothering you,just take it easy and do your three possible attacks.why you guys care too much about winning or loosing.this is just a take it easy,do not care about winning or loosing.just have fun raiding bases.

The thing is ROCK is that some people, myself included, have it in Our personality that We love to win and know We accomplished something with teamwork; not to mention the tax bonus and Elite Boosts are a real nice touch from Victory. I get where revolt is coming from as the Wars are too demanding, too frequent, and too unjust to keep fighting to win when it only equals more frustration in the end.  It’s just irritating having to sit out Wars upon Wars upon Wars to face Alliances that cheat, drop members, use low and cheap tactics, or are unfairly matched in terms of Alliance level, rank, and members all at one time.  The majority of the community I’ve seen so far has experienced this and voiced their concerns to Flare and the Staff of the forums; there’s been no words from Flare only sparking more posts from bewildered and disgruntled players at these draining and demanding wars.




Master Diaz,


Very, very, very, well stated Bro! I second all of this!




Half my alliance was emptied by an opposing alliance during a WAR SEASON. I did not know a person could have such a blackened heart in this game. They joined my alliance (I was new to the whole alliance leadership thing - two weeks in) and kicked enough people to make us loose (lost by 315 skulls). It took me 3 weeks of non stop inviting to rebuild the 30/30 2000+ trophy holding members I had in the alliance. I imagine you would be a little upset and think twice about your words next time if you knew what alliance leaders have to deal with. Did Flaregames do or say anything about this, FU** NO. I was told, to damn bad, so sad. You can fix it or move on. Here are the exact words from Flare’s TOP DOGS (I will leave the name out to save face of this person):


"There is not really much that can be done about this from our side. It is important to only make players Generals that you know you can trust.


We are have no influence on or are responsible for the actions of individual players.



I don’t see any relation/relevance what so ever between ROCK’s post and your reaction?

I do not understand a single word whatever you had said and also didn’t find any relationship with my post.


Sounds like a personal problem :slightly_frowning_face:


It simply says why the game is not enjoyable and why things need to change: “Ok first of all stop crying.this is just a game,so play for just enjoyment.”