Fixed Blacksmith Weekly Uber Item Perk


Can we have a fixed Blacksmith Weekly Uber Item Perk as the norm?


How it is going to work is like this: every week, Flare will select 3-4 perks for Uber Item and made these known in the Blacksmith. These perks will have between 20% to 30% chance of being selected. This way, players can “plan” ahead whether they want to upgrade their Epic Item to Uber Item or cancel an existing perk to get a new one. It still will not mean they will get the perk they wanted, just a better chance of it.


Thanking you in advance!



This sounds good, but I see how players would start complaining if that happens. Think about this hypothetical situation:

-All the players are waiting excited for the week in which Farm Perk will be selected

-That week finally comes

-All the players start getting their gears to Uber because they want it.

-Only 20%-30% of players are lucky enough to get it

-Those who didn’t get it spend gems to remove the other perk and try again

-The failure and spending of gems can repeat many times…

-Players complain a lot because they think it’s just another strategy from Flares to make them spend gems

See? Some players might get confused and think that 20% or 30% would mean a 100% possibility of getting the perk they want, they believe in a relatively high percentage and really hope to get that perk, so they get disappointed if they don’t get it.

Others would just ignore the weekly stuff as they don’t like Blacksmith anyway, or they might stop using the feature for a week if a terrible perk is selected (I don’t imagine having a 20%-30% probability of getting something shitty like Toxic Cloud).

Very good points there, Krman.



Reason I started this topic is to request Flare to give us a “reasonable” chance to get the perk we wanted.


If we don’t like the 3-4 perks given by Flare for that week, we can reserve our precious pearls for the following week.


It is never easy to get pearls. And we all tend to gamble pearls away at forging since the success rate of forging is never !00%.


P.S.: Also, hope Flare can remove the skull bonus perk permanently. Winning a war should be based on skill not luck.