Fixed Package Offers Price

since we can only buy the packages offers using real world money, 


+everyone here already knows your “if you get enough gems we’ll offer a higher price package” trick to force us to spend money 


why don’t you just make the package offers a permanent thing?  


…costing the same price of the gem package we would need to buy to get the offer.


so we can by the packages we want without having to decrease or increase our gems amount


you’d be getting our $$$ anyways.

This idea doesn’t sound very good to me. With the actual system we always have to buy gems, but if the offers had permanent prices, then you’d only have to save gems for some time and then you’ll be able to buy it without using real money (achievements and leagues give you free gems).

I mean fixed $$$ prices, lol.

Evebody knows we need real money to buy packages, so Flare should stop pretending we can buy them using gems.

I just want them to cut the process of spending money> to buy gems> to buy packages,


allowing us to spend money to buy packages directly. Just add a new category for Packages on the ‘Chest Store’ and let the “offers” there permanently.


Then, instead of paying R$18 to buy 500 gems to buy the Start Package, I would just pay R$18 on the Start Package 


With this method we would not need to wait for the offers, cause they would be always available 

The only problem with that is, package prices change all the time. Depending on which spells you’re upgrading, what levels there are, and how many you upgrade at once, there’s probably over 1 million combinations combinations for the Spell Package alone. Flare can’t set an IAP for every single thing, because they have to submit every IAP to the AppStore.


Ok, then the Packages could be permanently available but with prices that adjust based on the game situation


The same system that determines the prices/combinations of the Packages now, could be used to adjust the prices on the “package store”