Fixes to BlackSmith -Official-

-Not actually Official-


First and most important:

100 gems to remove a perk is way to costly for the following reasons. You might and probably will get the same perk again. The chances of the next upgrade being successful goes down, and the cost of pearls go up. This means if you get a perk you don’t want and remove then the entire upgrade process is negated.


Fix: Lower the cost of gems to remove a perk for sure.

When a perk is removed the cost and chances of success should go back by one level. Even though you have to upgrade a stat to get the 3rd perk, paying gems to remove it justifies this.



The cost for upgrading items is heavy compared to how many pearls a player can bring in. The high cost was supposed to be because we can now get pearls through the Blacksmith. Well you don’t get many pearls from the blacksmith and it takes way to long to melt them down.



The chances of an upgrade working is low from the start. The cost and chance of an upgrade working is ridiculous. 



Everything about the BlackSmith is tailor made for paying players. After offense was completely nerfed and defense was completely buffed the BlackSmith is the only way to compete with paying players. 



Fifth: Useless perks. Adding toxic clouds as a perk is just a way to make us spend gems.


Anything else?

Kill off the bird!



I Would like to see it changed to this:



Wanna hear a joke? Bonus health on Gargoyles!

you did the impossible, you made me actually lol!!!

I got that one :slightly_frowning_face:

You got it at first try ?

Gargoyle is Bonus health??   Not even damage??

Yes, there’s also a gargoyles’ attack booster perk. I have both extra health and damage for gargoyles (and they’re stil completely useless)  :slight_smile:

Yapp!! I got it too gargoyle perks I spending already 2k sadly lower players can’t survive in this game

So funny :slight_smile:

Any one know how much gems needed to unlock all slot in blacksmith? Im on 4 slot and it cost 1000! Gems

Total of 26k

why do you want to expand those slots anyway… to put items in a queque and get 5 instead of 4 pearls for an item you once payed 500 pearls…, oh yeah and you have to wait 10 minutes less… that s certainly  worth 100 € …

Fixes to blacksmith? Which fix? It’s all crap…



i like the idea of the perks in third slot, but one should be able to determine for himself which perk to add


one player would go for max swordrain, another chooses maybe heal or  for knight health, or cannon force, etc…


(one lonely soul, like a former headnun,  would max gargoyle extra health… lol )


I think that in the end this would make the game  more interesting as one perfect base design becomes less and less likely… you could adapt to your personal favorite raiding style


(btw ikamael did you hear  the lates Magnus Karlssons Freefall ?)

Sure. Pretty cool. I think I’m gonna use some songs in my next videos. :slight_smile:


Besides what was already said so far:


  1. You should be allowed to melt items while forge is upgrading.   If you can spend gems/pearls to upgrade an item, you should be allowed to melt items while building is upgrading.   This is a very petty, almost mean, restriction by Flare considering the amount of time it takes, cost of slots & number of skulls provided for gear. 


  1. Also with the ridiculously low return of pearls for an item, items should be melted concurrently not consecutively.  This way maybe we could make some pearls off the cheap gear we get in chests and CoF.


  1. If you pay a 100 gems to change a skill, it should just be done automatically and remain separate from upgrading.  Once you get to Uber with added skill, you should always have it.   We will all end up with Uber items with either one unfilled skill or a skill we neither want or use because the cost will too great and probability too low for successful spin at blacksmith.  Or right we can melt Uber items for like 25 pearls or so if we are lucky.


  1. Increase the probability of getting a useful skill or attribute so that it is more “random” as “declared” by Flare.  There is no doubt that certain skills such as toxic cloud have a higher % of probability.

Just toxic cloud after spent 120 pearls on my belt…