Fixing Unique Items

Rather than hijack the questions thread, I thought I’d make a new thread about unique items here.

HISTORY : Unique items were released in the winter of 2016/2017. They were released without announcement. It was like an easter egg with the ancient defender update. The only way you could have known something was up was by seeing the new perks listed in the stats for your hero. But nobody knew what they were or what they meant. A few weeks later people started finding uniques, and they were announced to the whole alliance. There were oooohs and aaaaahs. People would get insanely jealous because they were so rare. Some jerks had 3 or 4 before other players had any. The were rare and very powerful (with 1 exception). Some of the best could change your entire hero.

So 6 months went by and the first shoe dropped. Equipment power got cut. Cooldown and potency got nerfed by 40%. So the true First Gen uniques were all still awesome (except Aegean Thread, which was actually improved on later), but some of these 2nd Gen Uniques were kinda underwhelming. But still cool! When you saw a mirror shield on a GK you got terrified. But thankfully, you didn’t see that very often, because they were rare.

So a couple months went by. There was a LOT of complaining about how rare the uniques were. The squeaky wheel got the grease, and the devs implemented a progressive chance to win a unique. The power of them was kinda trash, but people started collecting them like crazy. Fun? Sure.

Two other things impacted uniques around this time. Cursed items came out, which could give you low-power versions of the same unique perks. Forging was introduced also, and with it the ability to keep your uniques evergreen. So you had Uniques which gave you interesting perks with kinda questionable power levels, but you could keep and forge them forever; and cursed items, which could give you some of the same unique perks but they were time sensitive. You’d outgrow them as you levelled up. Ok, that’s cool and makes sense, other than the uniques being kinda nerfed from where they used to be.

The balance got all out of whack after that, though. People started getting wheelbarrows full of uniques. 3 or 4 or 5 of the same one. They’d get 2 uniques in a row back to back. And they were good forever, so you’d just keep 'em. Wow, lots of GKs have a mirror shield now. Hey, almost every single GK has a mirror shield? What the heck? And now I can put 15K demolition on every single item if I want to? That’s…something.

Uniques are too common. They are underpowered. Their abilities can be easily replicated by other items. They don’t feel special any more. At all.

SUGGESTIONS : Pick and choose (and suggest your own!)

  1. End the first run of uniques, (up through Cyclopean Bow). Call them limited run items. If you want, allow First-and-Second Gen uniques to be able to be cursed and changed into other first and second gen uniques, so if someone didn’t get the one item they really really wanted, they could curse until they got it. But end the run, make those items special because you can’t get them any more.
  2. Introduce a 3rd gen run of uniques. Make them powerful and interesting, just like the first gen was. Dial back the probability of finding them. Maybe eliminate the progressive chance completely.
  3. Maybe allow cursed items to carry the original unique perks, but make them rare? Think carefully about whether you want any new unique perks to generate on cursed items. Improve (maybe dramatically) the power of cursed items carrying traditional perks (resistances, stun, petrify, etc…).


Good suggestions and some cool ideas.

I hope @CaptainMorgan reads them and implement them in the game.

I agree, these are all good suggestions.

Personally I always felt that the best items should be crafted items.  Don’t just hand us something powerful … let us take something underwhelming… underappreciated and make something truly awesome out of it.