Flag Skins for Beasts

It might he too late for this World Championship, but I think this is a great idea:

Let us have beast skins in different country flag designs, like the winter skin, just … you know… FLAG SKINS to wear! This way you can show support and emotion for a country. And give a hint where you are from - an often requested feature for RR2 players.


M_any thanks to my friend Hagen Joker 1.0 from Warriors of Honor 7 for this suggestion_.

Seems like Flare lost an opportunity to make big money.

I find this really strange :wink:  

Indeed. Another case in which listening to the community would pay out… ?

Very good ideal for identify homeland of players besiedeln voting in international matches like FIFA World Cup 

And don’t just slap a flag on the beast’s arm or something. Full color skin.

Although it would have odd results in cases of flags that aren’t symetric. A Union Jack Phoebe would be fine but an Australian flag, for example, would be next to impossible to wrap the beast in properly.

Overall, good idea but in some cases it may backfire (until proven otherwise).

I bet some good designers could prove us wrong in no time.

It would be cool if they would color it by animal parts, e.g: Ears in red, the rest in white…

Or I don’t know… I’m no expert myself after all 

Ah! I can just see it now, MK! A bumpy flag across my beast .

I see where you’re going with this suggestion, and I really like this, but I just don’t see how it would look all that great, if you know what I mean

Well, if you have ever seen soccer fans fully in their colors, Awe… (maybe not so crazy for you in the US)  …yeah they look ridiculous! ? But thats half the fun of it! ?

It would be such an emotional feature. I love it. Those flags with small things on it would indeed be difficult. Might need some adjustments there but it should be possible.