flaming blades recruitment

Hey guys my clan is looking for members of roughly about 1500 trophies we are a very small clan we are only very small because what me and my friend are doing is getting a real high clan level before we start trying to jump up the leaderboard we are only going to use the elite boosts blazing knights and stir cannon when we unlock storm cannon so if your interested reply to this message


Legends craft

Sorry typo I ment to say blazing knights and storm cannon

Don’t worry about your trophies we are looking for people who donate everyday doesn’t matter how much u donate or how many tophies u have

Well I suck at spelling lol

there is an edit button

like he doesn’t know that…

U know what this is a reason why I don’t post very often like I understand that silver is just giving me a tip and then chickennoodlesoup comes along and says that I mean seriously chickennoodlesoup yeah I didn’t know there was a edit button so wat I get on the forums about once every two to three weeks I don’t spend every chance I get on the forums

Just calm down a bit all :slight_smile:


You don’t even know which way legends craft is accessing the forums - e.g. mobile version or desktop version? - so please let’s just NOT discuss about button placement in here, but rather let this place serve as a recruitment plaform for the Flaming Blades , as this is what the topic is actually about. Thanks.


(Further offtopic might get hidden or deleted.)

O I’m playing on mobile nokia Lumia 635