Flaming Hero Statue

Came across a flaming Perseus gatekeeper the other day when attacking a higher lvl player (130, I’m at 126). I used Hades and just about beat the bloody thing! It destroyed my entire army and came very close to wiping out Hades himself…

My question is, which unique item of Perseus’ is used to obtain the flaming effect? I’ve got his shield but not the boots, do you need both? Or is there some other evil force at play!?! 

Many thanks!

Flaming effect could be his damage reflection but take a look around the forum, u`ll understand more. And no, it is not related to the boots.

I’ve never seen a flaming statue. 

I had one 2-3 days ago and one this morning.  The flaming one is gold in color also.

Probably another bug the devs gave the titan league!!! :grinning:   But won’t take away because they’ve got used to it now…

The first place winner for a war season (titan league) gets a gold GK. It’s not flaming, though. It’s just colored. 2nd place gets a silver one, 3rd place gets a bronze one. They don’t do anything though, it’s just like giving them a hat.

You fought one of the red squadron players.

This why you saw a golden statue.

It was RS.  He was gold and on fire.  I wasn’t aware of the gold for first place.  Maybe a combo of that and reflection?

Take a screenshot the next time you see it. Do you remember the name of the player? 

You’re right it was a red squadron member…Pretty sure it was Socher


Damage reflection is the most likely explanation for why Perseus was on fire…still seemed like it was activated?! 

Socher has a great GK, but I’ve never seen it catch on fire. I’ve seen it kill a bunch of things real quick though.


Yes I have seen some Gatekeepers on?.

It is just some new visual effect.

It can be achieved easily with any fire dealing units like archers using rain of Arrows and pheonix.When they attack a Gatekeeper it catches ?.

And the GK never gets burnt lol


Thank you Dumpster !!

It was not bug, just a good amount of Reflection, wintry & etc

Remember the video from Pete showing some of the updates? Well at the end it showed a flaming perseus , I summised it might be where we could assign different powers to the gatekeeper… Obviously that’s not the case currently but it could be and maybe you stumbled across someone’s account being used for testing?

I think it was just the golden statue. 

If you see a flaming one screenshot it please :slight_smile:  I’d like to see it 

I get them all the time now. I’ll screenshot the next one I see 

The gatekeeper is “on fire” because you attack with Hades, Prometheus, archers, blessed minotaurs, Phoenix or any other units or spells with fire element.