Flare added 12 minutes in pro! Extra!

They added by mistake 12 minutes in pro))

go finish ur mistaken raids guys!!

Seems this event is fail from fails)))

too many top 1

extra 12 minutes to finish raids)


I noticed this with 7 mins left, so got to do 1.5 of the last two levels =)  Annoying because I used all my insta Viking already.

 Flare not added 12 minutes by mistake.

They compensate back as after maintenance break yesterday, some players face different beast in 3 final lvl (Kaiser,Aki,Eldrak), it should be Bela & Eris beast in 2 final lvl.

Many people will complain because they are lower in rank now due to others taking advantage of the extra 12 Minutes to get a higher score.

And I can completely understand them. So Flare has to come up with some kind of solution/compensation. They knowingly messed up the ranks. That is much worse than a bug.

It was for sure mistake.

they made announce 1 hour before end

90% didnt see this announce


they would prolong by 1 day- it was good aolution


btw i really not so care but its fun to see how its work) 40? Top 1!

its like in ninja

what worth have gold crown if everyone have it?) btw i still not have???

No rewards for that pro league 

That’s the point, not everyone is able to play immediately after that announcement. They should have given us more time to take advantage of the 12 extra minutes, not only give players 12 extra minutes while there is just an hour of time left. 

It’s similar like giving players 2 extra raids during a war season, while there is just an hour before end of a war. That’s not the way to do it.  90% indeed didn’t see this announcement and of the others, maybe 1-2% was able to use those 12 extra minutes. 

Exactly what you say, they should have given more time to players to use these extra minutes. I don’t care for the crown. 

It is a joke. FG should finally learn to stop making any changes to ongoing events. There is 24 hr window between each PL, why not use that time to implement any changes ? Whether to rewards, to beasts or whatever.  Congrats to those who were able to benefit thanks to additional 12 minutes. FG, start thinking next time please.  First implementing reward changes during PL, them messing up with beasts, then giving ‘a compensation’ of 12 minutes 1 hour before league ends. It makes no sense. Only extending the league and announcing the change/compensation properly would make sense and be somehow fair to everybody.

This has turned out to be one broken league. Good thing I didn’t participate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Understand them, they have to face many failures, especially the failure of their company, Flaregames Holding GmbH is bankrupted…

This time Flaregames made a lot of mistakes. The goal of Pro League is to measure the skills of the players. I prefer a real selection. 93 players finished the last Pro League season with the maximum possible score (2190 and I didn’t count Florian/Flothaboss). Who can be the best among them? It should be play-off among them. My favourite answer of the question “Will you be the one … to beat the unbeatable?” is “no one”.

Pro Flare FAIL ?

I’m honestly PISSED OFF with this. It’s ridiculous if you add 12 mins when about 1 hour is left for PL to end. RIDICULOUS. In 12 mins, I had ample and enough time to attempt stage 12 twice and Eris beast is much more easy than Eldrak. This is purely lame, you give time frame of 6 days to play PL levels, I played, and then just towards the fag end, you add 12 mins, it’s not done, am I now supposed to check for updates every 1 hour? :angry:

A large bag of pro chests would be nice gesture, although I expect the ostrich technique this time  Ostrich animated emoticon

I honestly expect no response on this and also no compensation, since they will totally ignore it.

Like someone posted before, they can give everybody 1st place like they “compensated” during the ninja event about a year ago.

Still pissed about it when they even gave inactive members that logged in once first place rewards, while I had been using gems to secure 1st place.

Then they will also have to give gold crown to all players lol

I don’t know about others but in my opinion they should definitely compensate those guys who were actually affected by the bug and missed that 12 minute extra time oppportunity . And from next time they should introduce new changes in pro league during 24h timeframe between two pro leagues , rather then in middle of ongoing pl .

The ostrich technique Dena! Looool. So true. I expect that’s what will happen. 

Congrats to the FG  person who came up with such solution and thought this would be great and fair to add 12 minutes of comensation to: a) small majoriy of players who were online during that 1 hour and b ) mostly to players that were not even affected by the beast change and didn’t desrve to receive any type of compensation…  Also congrats to the rest of FG people who knew about it and supported it and made this ‘compensation’ happen.  Sorry to say this but you guys suuuuuck if you really thought that’s the right way to do. Also people who should balance those PL levels should do their job a bit better, unless having +90 winners is something what was planned to achieve. You are a failure on so many aspects. 

Considering the last level was announced to be _ unbeatable TM _ I kinda doubt 90+ winners were the intended outcome… :wink:

Anyway, agree with pretty much everything mentioned here so far… and I guess I’ll quote my post from the other PL topic for the sake of completeness as well: