Flare alliance v/s World alliance

 may be make a Dream Alliance

There should be a flare alliance available in flares game.

Where we get everything , every special and pro boost available there , no need of donations , every things is maxed  , every units get special and normal boost


Give it as a rewards in war or some other events may be in pro  , like for 10 days. 

So any of players have chance to use of those boost becoz of their ability , lower to lower players

*slow laugh*

As much as I appreciate the idea, cause it would be cool. It’d be WAY to OP and then we don’t even take into account the amount of bugs that would be released from having every boost being activated. Pretty good idea, just a bit too much, in my opinion

P.S. Once again, this should be in Suggestions and Improvements :stuck_out_tongue:  

We have this alliance.

it was named as Vanguard Legion.

Do you really think its a good prize to have everything max?

But in that alli , can possible to get a chance for low level, mid level players , 

Who can’t donate maxed.

Also i have to edit it, 

For giving special boost also

XD - its not spam

who said it was?

Your name was in the hackers list. Many say that you have hacked the game. Nobody can play pro league on lvl 2.


You are saying the same thing as a human who does not verify

Enjoying “witch hunting” here is a shitty thing.

How will he make it?
Let me create a new account from now on.

Do not hit me by creating multiple accounts when I showed this…

Everyone who enjoys witch hunting and Flare
It is an interesting ending from my perspective.

Royal Revolt 2 How to get GOLD without getting experience

Should I continue this everyday and make it to the palace LV 10 with Hero LV 2?



Everything is verified by  yourself.

If you really do not understand it and easily call someone’s name a violation
It’s a ”witch hunt.”

Of course it is fun "  battle royal forums" 

I am looking forward to everyday when my IGN will rise to the accusation and go up to the executions …In this Forum 

If it was true with " Doubt" of the card game A penalty goes to the accused player. Let me win all of you with excellent information

Crazy right? If you do not notice it is strange… That surely is a mistake . What are you doing to reduce the number of users further from this game

*You do not have to do verification of BOT and cheat program for  RR2

It is not a violation what you understand in normal way of playing




More so, only at the beginning I got 1kk: ')) - Now taverns - 7.5kk for 20h what more to want? I play for entertainment, not to be 1 :))) FG can verify my every step. :)))

and excuse me, but I have recently 3lv :slightly_frowning_face:

and best regards for Chinese stamps (with -793) that I fought for LAST PLACE IN THE RANKING. :)))