Flare can you try something different in PL

pro league is undoubtedly a unique mode. It usually offers all the players to play with a fixed attack combo of spells troops and pal against 12 different bases ( each bases are different , mostly the toughness increases from 1 to 12 )


I want to suggest something

Can we have pro leagues having same base but 12 different combos for 12 attack.

I think it will be intresting. That will become something totally new. And on announcement u guys can put the base map. I am sure players will like the challenges.


Yeah its interesting, also

Then may be score lay down,

I usually familiar with that given new combo after fighting to level 6-7 

Then , may be soohard to complete each with diff combo.

That will add completely new elements to game…u will be acquainted with the base and troops unlike combos here… 

In 1st one u will get very high spec combo so u can take base down very easily…further one by one combo will be weaker…so u knoww…it’s kinda fun ?


Also show the hero level.

This would actually be a fun thing to have as a Pro Cup. Flare did have a Pro Cup similar to this, but just the other way around. You had your PL setup and then each base was the same, just with only arrow towers, only bomb towers, etc. It was really fun…up until the Heal Tower level   

I suffered on FB towers