Is it Flare change the beasts that appeared in this current Pro League (Mecha Cup) ? I thought everyone will get the same set up/beast.

I watched Flothaboss Mecha Cup Pro League video, there is no Beast in lvl 10 ; but mine met with Kaiser beast, lvl 11 there’s aki beast instead of Bela as in Flotha video & lvl 12 there;s Eldrak instead of Eris beast.

If I know Flare will change the beast, I should finish my Pro League on weekend before Flare change the beast in base. I played lvl 1 to 4 on 11th Nov, lvl 5 to 8 on 12th Nov and lvl 9 to 12 on 15th Nov.

Flare is unfair, they shouldn;t change the beast set up during on going league.

Hello @KK3 Our apologies for the frustration caused by this unintended change. We performed a maintenance yesterday to change the rewards for ranks 21-500 in the future Weekly Pro-League Leaderbard and it also changed the Beast present in the last three levels of the on-going Mecha Cup.

We just performed another maintenance to revert this change and granted 12 more minutes to all players so you can try those three levels with the difficulty balancing we initially wanted for this Cup.

Official announcement can be found here.

@Nikko , Thanks !

Only little use, because all the Vikings ilk were used on Aki and Eldraco…  <_<

How about those users, who did not read the announcement in the board and therefore were not able to use the additional 12 minutes? The least would be to prolong the event …

Im really p*ssed off.

Wow read it just now, so i could have easily gotten rank 1, i did finish all levels with 100% except for level 10, but with this 12 extra minutes i could have.  So thats why i lost around 15 ranks in the last hours, thats really not fair. Like orko wrote prolong the event or give the players who didnt use the 12 minutes this time 12 extra minutes for the next pro league.

Come on Flare. What use of those 12 min if I read this announcement only after the league. This is really embarrassing. My score was so affected by these different beasts. Give us at least free ticket

Everyone who read the post and was able to play are lucky, I was at work and my son at school. He set his best score in the pro leagues but will be pushed a long way back by everyone getting 12 minutes extra. This really sucks!!

Also for me, I made a quite good success this time and just missed the last 3 battles to due high difficulty. It`s unfair, that players who fought a day earlier have gotten easier opponents.