flare fix the touch responsiveness on redmi mobiles

We are loosing the battles with your bloody update iam very much frustrated with that bloody touch responsiveness. Fix it Fit it it ?  @Lisa

Agree…your frustration is obvious but subject is indeed offensive. Edit it.

After that update mostly i lost every raid then how can i play this game. you see iam very very interested in raiding all the time i will raid bcz i love raiding due to this bug iam loosing all the raids. 

When you are loosing all raids without you mistake you will get very irritating, frustration. loosing in one, two, three raids is enough but 90% loosing the raids??? not at all ok. iam tapping tapping tapping and tapping the buttons but not working many times. iam fully frustrated with the touch responsiveness. 

Even i have reported to flare games through support desk till now i didn’t got any response from them ???. Many players are using Redmi mobiles every one is facing this kind of problem wee all are facing problem with the touch responsiveness 

Let me say this again it can be because or low ram try to downgrade to Noughat os

Your frustration is understandable however refrain from using inappropriate language on forums or else it could lead to more warnings.

ahaaa bcoz of this problem i lost my tropies, gems do flare gives me??? or else @KKStaryou will give me??. If you want ban me from forum’s i have no problem. iam very much frustrated with game and with flare. if you really want then ban my account also after this is game who cares. i will play coc ?

Using abusive language won’t get trophies or gems either. :grinning:

I agree, is a bit frustrating to raid in medium/hard bases after the update but they already know and it’s in the 4.0 bugs threads, there is no need of speaking like that.


that’s why i asking to fix it. till now flare did nothing,  player’s like me loosing many raids do you know that @KKStar. Due to this problem only we are loosing so you or flare must answer to us by giving compensation. When ever i went to raid iam loosing then how can i talk in a civil ?. We are facing the problem but you not facing it @KKStar

Yeah the 3rd spell button less responsive now, have to tap a few times just to release the spell

I take my words back?. This thing is happened with me and some other player though we are using other brand androids…

@KKStar @Lisa How long i have to wait for the fixation of Multi touch problem??? How can i use appropriate language??? From past 1 week you are testing my patience. I got ticket, i have posted in forums, i stopped raiding no use of all the above things  now what i have to do??. @KKStar answer me i lost pl raids now iam loosing conquest raids also. Now which type of warning you will pose to flare @KKStar??? 

Me using huawei mate 10 pro having same problem, third finger touch no response.

We have a new community manager to help us with this now ?  @Madlen

Getting worse, all spell buttons go numb/insensitive, almost killed my king a few times during war raids cause the spells won’t be released

You guys will see how this problem will be fixed in no time because we have a new CM. @Madlen

I know you are new to this game but the issue is time sensitive as many of us want to know if we want to pay to enter pro league. If this issue isn’t fixed, many may want to skip pro league for an entire month because it’s impossible to play pro league with the current bugs on multi-touch. Appreciate if we get some info on this @Madlen


This will be fixed next update, which is… who knows when.