this game is failing bigtime.

wars are not fair anymore… we cant win cause during war game crashes alot before you get in the throne roome.so no extra skulls. this is crap and not done realy.

also i dont have videos for free food etc for almost 1,5 weeks now , so cant do enough battles etc free upgrades faster smith etc


and next time before doin fucking maintenance check if the game stil works like it should to, realy getting sick to the point i wanna quit realy bad .
this is game is dying verry hard.

Instead of spamming the forum by putting 2 posts in the same topic and threatening to leave game, calm down and contact Flare support. I don’t trust them completely either, but moaning doesn’t solve anything. Without you, there are still many new players. What do you expect? Flaregames downfall??? lol…

i didnt spam this post , i just see it is there twice… they even cant manage a good forum … i posted it once but for some reason it was posted twice.

Flare, this one bug has been going on FOREVER. I think it’s time to devote the next update to fixing it. Heck, just throw out the CoF. Replace it completely. It’s a bummer to end raids on failed chests 90% of the time.

I agree, we need to get rid of skulls in CoF. There are several reasons why not to get the skulls, crashes is one of them, another one is the constant need of paying 15-45 gems after another bad luck.

When flare can’t solve the crashing problems with as result that players get 25% less skulls worst case, then it’s no more than logical to make a drastical decision here. Either fix that problem or get rid of skulls in CoF.

I really must admit that I hate the skull reward in CoF. When 8/10 skull rewards would be guaranteed it would be fine, but how often I have seen an unlucky streak isn’t countable for me any longer. I know that nobody forces me to go on and open the CoF to get that skull reward, but it’s going extreme lately. How often I have to spend 45 gems (not once, sometimes 4-5 times in a row first three chests are incorrect, the chance of winning a huge price in the lottery is even bigger) is becoming abnormal.

That flare wants to earn some money is fine with me, but not this way. Give us the option to continue opening for watching a video instead and guarantee us that the next opened chest always is the skull reward and not another failure. I don’t even need the rewards inside other chests.

Absolutely agree.

Though unfortunately we all know too well, that anything that brings cash to flares, will never be cancelled or rolled back.

The only thing left is to wash behind our ears and to wait patiently, maybe forever, for this crashing bug fix…