Flare FIX your Forum!

I guess Flare could finally invest some money and time in this forum, or else why bother creating it?


Here are some of the issues:

  • just 50 messages limit in inbox
  • just 5 participants limit in private messages
  • just 500KB for attachments on posts
  • unable to send attachments/photos on private messages
  • Only one semi-active administrator in the Forum. I’m sorry Jona but most of the time when we need you you are not here…
  • A few mods who are just paid with a few Gems. Some of those mods are doing an excellent job, some of those (or one) doesn’t even know what high king level gameplay is but like to speak about it all the time and some others a rarely even present. You know who they are.
  • Excessive spam all day and night  - in this few days there was every topic imaginable ranging ordering a fake Indian passport to finding a husband through love spells. 
  • Stupid posts from random  users who just think it’s appropriate to join a forum discussion and just say “hi”, “cool game” or even sing.


I generally get the impression that people’s voices are barely heard in this Forum by the administrators! E.G. there is one gameplay-braking bug for more than 3 weeks now, and instead of seeing an attempt to get it fixed, we saw another update that requires more gems spending… GREAT!


Things need to change Flare, now. Put on hold your monetizing strategic plans and for once listen to the player’s voice!

1)2)True on everything you wrote, i can pass the 50 limit inbox a bit but the thing that hurt me very very much is that you have only 500kb of attachments ! Well are you kidding me only 500kb, i can post only 2 photos and almost half of that is gone, and no thanks i don’t want to upload photos on imgur or any other site for only 1-2 photos… really no thanks…i don’t want to create account here and there…;


  1. It’s true maybe looking under his point of view, the forum is not the place where stay all time since he works more for the salary than for a real contribute (on this i don’t wanna be rude, i hope that is clear !) he only pass what developers said to him and to write to us then…Well if he does this job means that somethin feel in his heart like passion for this game since a lot that he work here “with us”, I wanna thank to him who listened and listen nowadays many times us when we wanted a better game, more fair and equal.

Probably this is the reason that they add “Jack” as new admin? Probably because Jona is too much stressed with us, i can think how many people message him and how many time he doesn’t answer to all because because we ask too many things, probably this is why they add the new admin to help Jona and i hope the new admin introduced as soon as himself possible in “our mentality” because we can’t teach from 0 our “wishes” and “not wishes” ^^ For this there is the Improvements for Royal Revolt 2 topic (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/88-improvement-royal-revolt-2/);:wink:

  1. I will not put my hand on fire, but yes agree, we know…

  2. True again here, also in the old Forum there were those spammers and now also here it’s really annoying see hundreds of this indentical posts on post on subforum also in the other Dawn of Steel Forum as i saw recently, the admin or mods i don’t know who of them delete them, but the next day they start again to psot hundreds of topics !! Ufff really boringgg!

  3. Here before i wrote this 6th point i got a laugh 

Adding this to my improvements list, giving Evelthon credit for this amazing list of great things that should be dealt with.


Forum Thread: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/3517-i-huge-list-of-recommendations-for-flaregames/


This is something that has been bugging me a bit.

I am not trying to be my usual douchey self here but it’s really annoying when someone who has a title under there name gives people bad advice.

And more so defending that bad advice in a way that makes newer people believe them.


There are some mods I’m not fond of but they give great advice that I can profit from.

If you have a title under your name be careful of what you’re saying and do some research.


I do not see this often. I want to be clear that I’m not crapping on anyone or flare.

Just my 2 cents.


No need for giving credits Joekee, I just want to see things get better here… but thanks for passing on those suggestions anyway.

hmm not sure what to say , tired of spammers too but so far we can only ban them but they return with new account.Thats for the admin to dealt with , mods cant do much


I know it’s too much work for any of the mods to deal with, so either the number of mods needs to increase or some form of automated security system has to be added.


Maybe if a captcha was required when posting? or if every new user was required to verify his/hers email address? or some other additional verification? certain text could be also prohibited for posting such as phone numbers/ email addresses, or repeated text.

Seems to me oPelle needs to be given his hat. Some restructuring my be in order, too.


I personally want to thank you oPelle and all the others that have actively and without expecting a return, shared their knowledge with me about the game. This community is, by far, the best I have seen so far. You all are grade A in my book.

You’re welcome Joekee, i personally play this game so much to know not all, because i’m not the player who stay between top 10 who can say even more having everything maxed, but i know enough from this game ! About some ristriction and yeah as many suggestions i heard from you, to add Captcha in Forum, me too i suggest to add it. I suggest to add it especially when you have to create every time a topic and before click “Post New Topic” there should be this captcha near the button so these “robot-spammers” can’t post those ridiculus topics everytime !

Of course we don’t have to make our life difficult putting captcha inevery single page, thing we have to do otherwise i say NO thanks.

50 messages for inbox is not bad. most of the forum are about the same. 5 participants is ok imo

Flare is not file/image host, use imgur for image and Baidu Cloud for file (up to 4GB per file, 20GB for VIP; 2000 GB free storage and 5000GB for VIP; if you have more, you can have 2 accounts; note: don’t pay for vip, not worth it)

Using imgur, you can send image on PM

Admins are asleep, I agree. last 2 problems will be fix when more admin/mod are active. 


and… Where is Jona? it’s been over a week since I last saw him… or her… 

Jona (he) is leaving: