Flare, fix your game

I have tried and have been VERY patient with you people at flaregames, but you need to start opening your ears to the suggestions and, yes, complaints that we make. There are tons of problems in the game and I understand that you are fixing some things in the Conquest that will help us have more fun, but the Conquest is not the only place that has problems

After the balances came out, one of the hardest dungeons in the game, Vein of Gold XXVIII, became impossible to defeat. The proof that I have lies here, before the balances, I got 2 crowns by getting to the gate, but didn’t quite have enough time. NOW, I have a much stronger and faster hero, with better troop and spell levels, and I can’t even get through the Primal Howl Beast without getting destroyed. The so-called “balances” may have changed up the variety of troops and spells, but it made dungeons a heck of a lot harder to defeat

Another problem that I want to point out, AGAIN, is the gate tower problem. While some players may say that gate towers are only a major problem in wars (and I agree that that’s when they are most annoying), it is still EXTREMELY frustrating to completely obliterate a base, but then be unable to get 100% (and therefore not the full reward of victory), because the base had two freaking Basiliks at the gate!! I would like to be able to get 100% attacks again. There are a few ways to fix this problem. (1) Remove gate towers altogether, (2) Basiliks cannot be placed at the gate, (3) Be able to attack the Basilik Tower while its tail is up (maybe it can have 50% resistance against all damage or something)

These are the two big problems, other than some in the Conquest (hopefully to be fixed soon), that I see in the game

I had no problems with gate towers until the hammerstrike was turned into garbage.

Garbage that i spent 1000s ot Pearl’s on forging the spell and its associated arnour.

This! This is my main problem with the “defense buffs” done upon 4.0 release!

They got the maxed players all happy, but us “mid tier” are having a LOT more trouble doing dungeons! (like if they weren’t hard enough already!!! :angry: )

On my case, I was trying to figure out how to beat “Crypt of the Living Dead VI” (Mummy VI)… but guess what?

After the update, the snake towers are even more insane then before!

Using ogres tickles them… Damn even sonic blast seems like I’m blowing air at them!  :slightly_frowning_face:

On my opinion, they should never! but ever… have nerfed blunt damage! Giving 1 extra level to every tower was enough already…

This has been pointed out many times and I have to agree once more.

Having the basilisks taking damage when their tail is up is a good idea.

Even if only at the gate :slight_smile:

Flare have copying the hydra tower in OR who can shield himself and become invincible for 5 seconds. in RR2 the Basilisk hide so no one can touch it. At high level its a pain to try to destroy it. The fact Hammerstrike is more weaker than before make this tower a good advantage to have in defense. Before that was possible to one shot this tower if he was level 1 or 2. Now same at the same level make you lost over 30 seconds

Gladly I don’t find them often in raid. for the dungeon I am not far so I don’t know. I don’t have do any dungeon since the server update of August.

in general you have right this game need balance and fast before Flare lose all players one by one

Exact and to the point. I would throw my garbage out but It will take another 12 months to get another spell to a similar level of forging to replace it. 

Then Flare would castrate it as well so why bother?

Im sure this dungeon level is not hard.

Moving this to improvements & suggestions.

Perhaps not for a top player like you, but for a 3400 trophy player it is hell! It’s twice as hard as the Vein of Gold XXIII! I seriously don’t know how I’m ever gonna beat it. The balances completely took out the main thing you need in that battle: Sonic Blast! 

Sometimes the pal you use makes a lot of difference and another time a different spell can do miracles.

During some of the last dungeons I used kaiser, other times I used Ceres. And other players used irmgard. Sometimes when your troops get destroyed, Aska can be good choice.

Main mistake I made was going in with three offensive spells, then the beast kills your hero and/or troops. 

Main thing is to look what feature a certain dungeon uses. For example, there was a dungeon fully concentrating on healing stuff. I used swordrain in there to destroy heal towers one shot and stun monks. And I can tell you my swordrain is really a lousy forged spell. Once stunned, my wok combo could easily destroy the rest of defense. 


Yeah, I’ve been using Fritz on the Vein of Gold XXVIII, cause of the Howl Beast and the Gargoyle Nests, Wolves, and Arblasters. Maybe I should try on with Aska, thanks for the suggestion

I guess the change in defense will bring more strategies like Dena said. I admit its pretty cool. Not always use the same pal,same combo,etc… you must adapt the base and all. I don’t have do any dungeon since 4.0. I wait to upload all my video of RR2 before continue. I have too much.

do you think the hard defense affect let’s say middle of the dungeon before Werewolf Level 1? (I know its really low but I keep all my gems for later)

You better forget about Fritz on that one. The howl beast is too tough.

It takes too long to kill him.

I managed to beat that one thanks to sniper cannons or putrid prowlers (war boost).

Or else, you should try to take Aska and move past the pal beast.

Is it at level 10?

How am I even supposed to know the level of a Pal Beast of a Dungeon?

Or, of any base at all? lol

I wanted to said it in 4.0 megathread but its close. I just got my Uber Pal Chest and got Aki. So this bugs is now fixed. Also I see in general Dragon are fixed. 2 problem less in the list