flare games, beware of cheaters!

today i was trying to find some rr2 related stuff, other than forums & wiki, with google.

almost first pages was something about cheating in rr2!!


they said, if i donwload their malware program, it will give me endless food. gold. gems…


cannot give you url of that cheating site atm, its on my work computer.

(on coffee break, on coffee break i play rr2, not all day long :slight_smile:


it said something about “injecting gems to your account, using false wifi-server”.


not sure what was happening there, nut i am a paying customer, and love rr2, so i hope

you rr2 staff will get rid of those cheaters.


hope you don’t allow this kind of cheat in our belowed rr2, it would make all my gem purchases for nothing!

Cheating gems or other resources on client-side results in automatic ban :slight_smile:

Because real values stored on server side, and can be easily compared


And, of course most of that “programs” are viruses and trojans :lol:

Do you have a credit card? :rolleyes:

i know they are malware. i was just annoyd because i’m paying customer, so i dont want anyone else cheating either, didnt know its so usual though,

i tried to search other stuff, gaming tips ect, and firs thin i found  in google was cheat! > :slightly_frowning_face:

'k up som

my linux system stands strong against malware, but need to be careful because human behind this screen migh be stupid and f*k up something.


maybe there are many cheats, but i wish flare takes care of them, so we, paying, honest, customers can enjoy our rr2 experience !



Be assured we keep an eye on this, and cheaters receive what they deserve :slight_smile:



The players who cheated have been banned, and we keep monitoring the situation and take the appropriate measures when someone is caught cheating.