Flare games Cheating Players

Flaregames is gouging and taking advantage of players that like the game. They are blaming Apple but no other vendor has raised their prices.

Also, they changed the game so it takes much longer to raise enough gold to improve things and to climb through the ranks,

I don’t get any more specials which would con me into buying more gems so game has ground to a halt. If they don’t give any incentive, I will my $1000s any everyone else I can convince to abandon the game.

Really ticked off,

King John

king john we all noticed how ticked off you are because of the plenty of other topics you created talking about the same thing, but you cant really do that and constantly creating topics wont get them to notice you.

We’re all unhappy with this and the more poeple complain and post unessesary topics, you’ll persuade flare to leave the fricking situation. Everybody stop the complaining and quit and leave the people who WANT to play this game ALONE.

This is royal revolt 2 now.

There are plenty of complaints topics to Flaregames, no need to open another 1 (even if you have open 4 identical topics…): please, seek for one of those and post there…as you already done here http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/1207-regional-price-increases-on-apple-devices/?p=14210 so go on there…thanks