''Flare Games''; Dont you want new players join and play this game? End Up This Privilege!!!

Hi Flare Games Boss(es), game developers, forum admins, e.t.c.;

I want to ask you several …ing simple questions. Do you really want new players join this game or do you wanna end up this garbage? Do you wanna continue upgrading/supporting this game or are you waitin for our (fool addicts) last money until we wake up and understand that this garbage is getting everytime worse?

Why you nerfed items? Old players have X2~X4 superforged items, under 131 level players before your very very great patch (which was like a miracle …ed up the whole system) are getting now only lowered items when they level up. Also new players who are starting the game (yes, fools never ll end) getting lowered items and uniques. For example; i have 2 same uniques on a hero. 1 unique is old (before the nerf patch) 1 unique is new (i get it after the nerf patch) When i try to upgrade them old unique stats becomes X1,5~X2 than the new one.

My English is bad but i think that YOU understood that what i wanna explain. Of course you understood, you are not a *****. FIX THIS … PROBLEM. I think u dont have an opinion how to fix this problem ? Basically you ll patch the game and you ll set the level limit to 151 or 161. So new players, un-superforged players will be equal to X4 superforged players. I am hitting to superforged gate keepers more than 1 minute; nothing happens to them. By the latest patches; you are working for only old players who have already superforged their items, they are getting high points from Odyseyy quest also by their X4 items. You are serving very well to them, great job!!!

I bought huge amount of gems, it doesnt matter for me but now i ll not buy anymore until the game fixed. I ll never ever play a Flare Game and i ll never advise your games, i ll tell your policy to all over the world via all social platforms if you dont fix this annoying problems. End up this '‘Privilege’'


@Madlen , @CaptainMorgan , @Chris , @Pete please do read what is written in this post.

If you are still not convinced about this information.

Then I can PM you vedios of buuged Gatekeeper that Are killing Hades in one second.

This what I am trying to tell you guys ,you have cut off of the chance of any new account to catch up to those old level account that are doing 10 skull odysseys with bugged item while rest of us can’t do that without spending gems :slightly_frowning_face:


I Have seen such Powerful Gatekeeper now with forge nerf it is a nightmare to fight them too 

Stop discriminating and support your all customers.

I am gamer who simply want to enjoy the game but I don’t like you are approach towards this.

I hope you guys are listening. 

Absolutely, this was due to FG NOT capping items correctly, was very lazy not to actually fix the bug properly - just p*>/ses a lot of players off (mostly new , and rising players), makes trophy leader board totally pointless - nobody is equal!!.   That aside I’ve seen sceenshots of old vs new uniques and yes older players got stronger uniques and got to keep them too.  

What now if you use some players with ‘bugged’ or pre - nerfed uniques for beta testing of new lvls - your results won’t mean anything because everyone’s playing with different parameters.  @Madlen  this is a big complaint among players - really needs to be addressed properly with no ‘lets not upset the high lvl players’ rubbish

agree totally with @GoRcY

guys I think that with Madlen the talks that you make on the forum come to flaregames unlike when there was galamorgane that ignores us completely

Yes , vadudeva you are correct here.

Madlen does listen to our feedbacks and talks to developers too.

Madlen is cool.

Flaregames makes many mistakes, as do many other gaming companies around the world. But, I think that we, as the community, could be a little more forgiving. I understand that it is VERY frustrating when things get nerfed or when there are many unfixed bugs hanging around in the game, okay, trust me, I play Royal Revolt 2, so I would know! I try to be a little forgiving and give flare some breathing room so that they are able to make changes in order to give us a better playing experience. The more the community flares up, the more preoccupied flare becomes, cause they have to monitor the forums as well. Remember that! In the end, it’s better for us to be sure not flare up too much (no pun intended) and just settle down and try to play as best we can and hope that flare will be responsible and make the needed changes

Its frustrating to see some of the same mistakes made over again, but I agree with this.

Yes we ll forgive, we ll give more more breathing room. We ll not rush up them or we ll not ask for fixing errors more faster. We are sheeps, we ll jump over a fence before the sweet dreams every night.

So; superforged players will continue to farm un-superforged players/new +125 levelled players, do high level Odisey quests easily and ll be stronger. Also they ll farm gems from defense reports.

How many days we ll give them a free time? 10? 20? 50? So you say like a Turkish proverb : ‘’ Tecavüz kaçınılmaz ise; zevk almaya bak’’

Sorry, i dont think so Flare Games fix this annoying difference; if we dont ask any questions, if we dont look for fix.

I’m not saying that we can’t ask them to do things. But we do it so much and with such a fury in our voices that it clogs up the forums and can sidetrack from what is needed to be done, cause they won’t to resolve the issue on the forum as well as the issues in the game! Less talk more action, that’s the proverb you should follow

More Action? Where? I dont see any… Maybe you ll shut the …up and stop advocating F.G. That ll match up your proverbs beginning ‘‘Less Talk’’

If you gonna continue to defend F.G.; dont do that here. I dont need any excuse, any promise or any suggestion. I NEED ONLY 1 THING ‘’ FIX THAT PROBLEM ‘’ which equals to your proverbs ending ‘’ More Action ‘’

I actually wonder if FG will do anything at all in relation to the bugged superforged items - as they stated before that as ‘smart’ players had worked hard exploiting this bug they felt bad to take it away!! Their solution is to add some ascension lvls which in about a year or more will resolve the issue to an extent. I do agree with @GoRcY that the majority are being overlooked and treated like idiots just to keep the small elite happy. 

I think the new ascension lvls are overdue? I thought the plans were to release them July/August?

I understand your position and your frustration and believe me, I’m on your side! Flaregames has made mistakes and there are many things that need to be fixed. I’m not defending them, but I’m simply saying that we, as decent human beings, should treat flaregames with a little more patience and less anger. Again, I agree with you that these issues need to be fixed, but let’s just be patient with flare. It’s just a game

@AwesomestKnightest If it is a game (which is supposed to be entertaining), then how come it feels like a “must pay service in order to win”? Personally speaking, I don’t mind 1-2-3 or even 10 tough fights, but facing bugged gears for the whole season…? It doesn’t make any sense. You might say, it’s a competition, yes it is but only if we could fight with same weapons. We can’t win with swords and spears while they got guns.

Is this concept simple to be understood?


Re: old forged gear, I’ve said a few times that’s its probably not a matter of wanting to do something or not. It’s an impossibility. I don’t have 100% knowledge of how the whole system works, but I have the feeling that it would require modifying every item in every account in the game one by one. So is it technically possible? Only in the narrowest possible sense. 

New ascension levels were overdue in February (and before the peanut gallery starts running their mouths, I told the devs this in a memo when I was a mod). The first players started hitting 130 last summer, just about this time. They gemmed their way there (nothing wrong with that, a % of the player base is always going to want to spend to see new things first. It’s fine. It’s good, in fact). Starting last winter, players who just leveled up fairly normally started hitting max level. That was the point where they should have started to look at raising the level cap because by spring, a large % of “normal” players who have just been here a long time started hitting the cap.  This means that a good % of the player base has been farming items at max level with nothing to spend $$$ on except forging and their GKs for months and months now. It’s the same exact thing they let happen in 2017, with the same response: nerf equipment, which only makes the game worse in the long run. It’s a hamfisted solution to a problem caused by not introducing small amounts of content on a more regular basis. 

Deja vu all over again. 

Yeah, I understand, a game should NEVER be P2W, cause it’s not fun if it is! I’m not saying that this game is not bugged, but I’m simply saying we should give FG another chance to redeem themselves

There are many P2W games out there, but I’ve never seen one that gives premium currency away like OR does. They’re incredibly generous with gems. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of end-game players who have never spent a dollar and have thousands of gems in the bank as we speak, who donate to their team regularly, all that. 

So if it’s P2W, they’re giving us funny money to play with. 

True, yeah, @dumpster! I believe that if you guys think that OR is Pay-to-win, then you really shouldn’t say anything until you play RR2. It’s so hard to earn gems in that game compared to this one. I was shocked when I gained over 400 gems in the last two days of playing. That would never happen in RR2! Both games are bugged, but only one is truly P2W

OR gives out so many free gems that I’m always nervous it’s just going to run in the red for too long and get shuttered. 

@dumpster, I know how that is! When I finally get a lot of gems in RR2 I feel so strong and on top of the world…then I go and upgrade the Alliance Tower. Guess what? I’m left with 1 gem . Biggest change in the books