Flare game's in trouble?

I’ve been reading posts, saying nobody’s heard from captain Morgan? And flare game’s maybe going bankrupt?, if any of this is true?, I’m definitely nervous,can anyone give me some answers,? Help calm my nerves ??, because I love this game, an would be sad indeed,? if it ended, thanks ahead of time, for any input ?:slight_smile:, see u all on the battlefield ?:crossed_swords:??


Captain Morgan reappeard and FlareGames is not bancrupt. Next update is announced, all fine, enjoy the game. :wink:

Papi said it all, CaptainMorgan has just had a vacation and is now back.

hi @SmokeAlot,nah those are only rumors and a very old news pal.You need not to worry about it.

Thanks HOLYDIVINE ?:slight_smile: very glad to hear that, as myself, along with many others, love this game :slight_smile:?, thanks for the information ? 

If i get the mirror shield, i will buy the largest gem pack and save FG ( if they have an  economical crysis) ?? Btw, CaptainMorgan posted that these rumors are wrong and they even thinking of improving FG ??? 

Hey @SmokeAlot, what happened to you? You are now inactive in the game.