Flare have change the % of chance to obtain a pal in chest?

Since 4 days. That don’t stop I unlock a pal each day or each two days one by one. So I guess Flare have chance the % of chance to get a Pal in free chest? Before in my previous account on maybe 200 Pal chest never have got a Pal. Version 3.0.0 to 3.7.0 maybe 5 pals on 200 chests during 1 year. Now I unlock them all without problem

March 26 Unlock Howl

Later on March 26 on the same day Unlock Archimedes

March 28 Unlock Kaiser

right now March 30 few minutes ago Unlock Growl


I am curious to see which pal will be next tomorrow or in 2 days. Really hope to get Aska or Bucky


You do know a pal collector event is running at the moment, right?

LOL to be honest no I have no clue sorry I don’t have notice. I was sure he started in 2 days :lol: that explain all. My result prove the Pal collector work great :wink:

Anyway Flare should continue to announce event on forum. In game its not totally clear when start and end. I was sure that work like War Season. The time show was the time before the event start

Edit : after watch my video ok. When the event appear on the up of the screen the event have started. Good to know. Seen to have start March 25 and will stop April 1st. Will take time before I understand the pattern of event in game

I only found pals in day one and two. From then 0. 

I found 0 so far. Thank God the chances are increased…

I’m not the fan of Pal collector. I’m not the lucky person to find pals during Pal Collector. Pal Collector only depends on your LUCK.

It’s better if FLARE make during Pal Collector, if you can’t get any Pals in chest you will get high amount of Pal treats. 

If I get others I will post them. I really hope to recuperate Irmguard. I like this one

I got 7 pals from free pal chests so far ?

And only got 6 pals from 20 uber pal chest ? …

yeah me too. This is by far the worst of all the events

so…just a minority are lucky to find pal in huge quantity? :slightly_frowning_face: sad…

We must be very unlucky AwesomestKnightest and Domikick, I also have gotten 0 pals in 5 days. Event is clearly worthless.

0 here too

You shouldn’t EVER have an event that is based purely off luck. That’s what this is and it SUCKS




They really should just do 5 pals for everyone with the luck being the type of pal   … luck is too broken to offer much to anybody than the lucky. My friend gets more pals than he knows what to do with  (he gets angry that he misses out on pet food!) One day flare will wake up and realise their luck does not work. either it does for you personally or it doesn’t. great way to have a competitive game lol sigh…

So there’s supposedly a 30% (or 40%, I forget) chance to get Bucky and I just got 3 Growls in a row. Chances? Random? What? :huh: :lol:

I also got a Kaiser on day one and a Bucky after all the Growls, so that makes 5 pals total (although I had like 1-2 guaranteed pal chests so that’s unrelated to event somewhat).

Agree with the fact the +30% is not really there. Something wrong in their formula. I got the 4 one I show in the post. before sleep I got Howl again and now I got Tammy. on 6 Pals no Bucky. I still hope before the end to get Irmguard

How about this: You get a higher % chance of getting a pal…IF you wear your Luck Gear :lol: 

You know its not ■■■■■■ at all. If this event is based on luck at least. Luck Perk can be useful after all. 10% Luck for +10%, 20% for +20, 80% for +80%. At least this way Pals Collector will be useful and give pals for everyone

Just collected my last free pal chest of this event. Total pal count = 0

Me and at least two other teammates also came up with a big goose egg just in time for Easter…  <_<